News Launches PogChamps With Top Twitch Streamers
Next month, will be bringing on top streamers to play in the inaugural PogChamps. Launches PogChamps With Top Twitch Streamers

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Update: The full guide and schedule for this event can be found here.

Starting on June 5, the inaugural 2020 PogChamps will kick off, featuring 16 of Twitch's most followed streamers. Over two weeks, top streamers like Boxbox, Voyboy, and yassuo will compete for their share of $50,000 in prizes. With so much on the line, GM Hikaru Nakamura, WFM Alexandra Botez and's IM Danny Rensch will be providing commentary throughout the event's two weeks, with Nakamura and Botez providing lessons for each of the competitors. The 

Launched in tandem with Twitch, the event will be the precursor to a Twitch Rivals finale, set to take place in early July. The team event will be Twitch Rivals' second-ever chess event, after hosting Komodo Boss Rush in early 2019.

boxbox PogChamps
Known for his skill in League of Legends, Boxbox will hope to bring his tactical acumen to the chessboard.

The PogChamps will be broadcast live on, with its final set to take place on June 19. Nakamura, the world's highest-rated blitz player recently became the most followed chess channel on Twitch and has been the catalyst of inspiration for many of the participants.

Multiple streamers have been doing recent collaborations with stars from other games, including teaming up with popular Diablo 2 streamer MrLlamaSC for some D2/Chess action. One recognizable name taking part will be NateHill, one of the biggest Fortnite streamers, a game that streamers have taken interest in over the last year and have played in tandem against other chess streamers and fans alike.

NateHill PogChamps
Popular Fortnite streamer NateHill will be among the participants

In preparation for the PogChamps, Nakamura has been co-streaming lessons with streamers like xQC, NymN, and fuslie. Many other top streamers have been streaming chess independently, bringing chess into the limelight in a time of need:

Hikaru Nakamura PogChamps
Nakamura will be offering lessons with each of the competitors to prepare them for the PogChamps.

For many new chess streamers, the PogChamps will offer a chance for them to use what they have learned from players like Nakamura in a competitive setting. The event will feature a group stage from June 5 through 14, which will feed into the post-tournament bracket. Unlike any other event run on, PogChamps will feature both a championship and consolation bracket, meaning that the participants can compete for top prizes, while also focusing on providing entertainment for their followers.

The participants' skill levels vary widely and there are multiple chess newbies in the field. One-on-one coaching with top streamers like Nakamura and Botez means that players will be improving rapidly throughout the event, adding a unique element into this already uniquely-structured competition.

yassuo PogChamps
With over 1.75 million followers on Twitch, Yassuo will be one of the most followed players to compete during the PogChamps. will also be awarding 1-month Diamond membership drops to random viewers throughout the event, so make sure to tune into each player's stream, and you could win while watching the action.

Among the confirmed participants are Boxbox, yassuo, Voyboy, Swiftor, NateHill, xChocobars, fuslie, NymN, Lex Veldhuis and ItsSliker. will be releasing the final streamers in the field over the next week to promote the PogChamps. Other invites include xQc, LIRIK, Reckful, Forsen and Aydan.

fuslie PogChamps
Variety streamer fuslie has been working on her game to prepare for the PogChamps.

Once the individual event concludes June 19, the top eight finishers will draft their teammate for a special Twitch Rivals event which will cap a truly special month of mainstream chess content, based on how they placed in the PogChamps. Twitch and will release more information regarding July's Twitch Rivals event at a later date.

This first-of-its-kind event is sure to bring even more attention to the already-booming chess streaming world, and fans of all skill levels can catch the action on

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