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The ever popular chess-streaming trio, the ChessBrahs, will host a 24-hour stream on, January 29-30.

Streaming will commence at 6 a.m. PST January 29 and finish 24 hours later on January 30. All the action will be live at and in the live server.

Viewers will be able to chat with and challenge the ChessBrahs throughout the day as they take on a host of challengers and challenges.

The ChessBrahs — from left to right: GM Robin Van Kampen, GM Eric Hansen, and IM Aman Hambleton.

For the uninitiated, the ChessBrahs are a group of young, talented chess players who host one of the most popular streaming channels on Twitch, with over 5,000 subscribers. The Brahs also regularly bring their talents to on #ChessMonday.

The Brahs are famous for their regular, frenetic streaming where they tackle the very best blitz and bullet players in the world, banter with their viewers, and take on ridiculous, epic challenges such as the 10-second challenge (10 seconds vs. one minute), the king walk challenge, and the no breathing challenge (self-explanatory: don't try this one at home — or really anywhere).

Each of the Brahs will be rotating in and out throughout the 24-hour stream. The Brahs are...

GM Eric Hansen (erichansen, @hansenchess) — The founding Brah is one of the strongest players to ever come from Canada. Hansen is coming off an excellent 2015 with strong finishes at the Reykjavik Open (=3rd), the massively strong Gibralter Tradewise tournament (+3), and the London Chess Classic FIDE Open (=2nd).

Check out Hansen in action as he tackles's Titled Tuesday tournament.

GM Robin Van Kampen (Kempsy, @GMrobinVK) — Van Kampen is the highest-rated Brah with a current Elo of 2626. He is already the fourth-highest rated player in the Netherlands and a member of the Dutch national team. Earning the GM title at only 16, Van Kampen would surely be recognized as one of the most promising juniors in the world if he did not have the misfortune to sit in the vast Dutch shadow of GM Anish Giri.

Check out the dark side as IM Greg Shahade streams his perspective against Van Kampen in's Streamers Challenge. In a tremendous swindle, Shahade delivers a fantastic mating finish. Expect Van Kampen to come ready for blood and vengeance after reliving this painful memory 

IM Aman Hambleton (KNVB, @amanhambleton) — the BeardBrah, notched his IM title in 2013 after an impressive run in which he earned all three IM norms in the span of four months in the fall of 2012. Hambleton kicked off his title run with a solid performance in the World Junior Under 20 Championships in Athens, Greece before cruising through the SPICE Swiss tournament and the Panama Open.

Hambleton also hosts the brand new #ChessMonday Material Odds Challenge, in which he takes on members at odds on

Despite not yet having the GM title, Hambleton is already one of the best bullet players on Check out the following highlight against bullet legend GM Hikaru Nakamura as Hambleton nibbles away at Nakamura's vast supply of rating points.

Asked for advice they would give to their challengers, the ChessBrahs said...

"We are taking on all challengers over the course of 24 hours, so if you're looking for the best chance to win, we will probably be the most exhausted near the end. Try to take advantage of our overconfidence and excessive handicaps. Don't be afraid to play dirty! We've seen the nastiest premove tricks in the book, but we still fall for them every time. Remember, we won't be showing any mercy so neither should you. Overall we hope everyone has fun playing, good luck!"

During the 24-hour stream, will be giving away one-month Diamond Memberships through hourly contests. To compete, viewers must simply be watching the live stream for contest announcements and be quick of wit and keyboard!

Save the date (January 29) and come ready to be absolutely glutted with an endless supply of chess!

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