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Chess rocks!Chess rocks. Well, that's what we usually agree upon over here, but what do the rock musicians think?

Perhaps you remember our article of early February 2008 in which we made a list of pop music videos in which chess play a role. Thanks to Len Ganley we've now come across the following music video, in which the band Half Man Half Biscuit plays their song Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess - an instant classic, in our opinion. :-) The video is very shaky (probably shot with a mobile phone) but the music and the lyrics deserve to be enjoyed by the ChessVibes audience.


But Half Man Half Biscuit is not the only rock band that's somehow connected to chess. What to think of the band listening to the name Captains of the Chess Team? Here are two videos, from their early 2008 mash up at the University of Texas Video Archive fundraiser at Richard Garriott's estate in Austin.

"Smells like Godzilla"


"I'd rather be playing in the MUD"


Update - two more videos from the comments:

"Apropos Sjakk" (thanks to Tarjei)


Prefab Sprout - "Cue fanfare" (thanks to Poek)


DJ Muggs vs. GZA - "General Principles" (thanks to CMoB)


Wu-tang Clan - "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" (thanks to Daaim Shabazz)


Feel free to give more links to chess related rock bands and/or YouTube videos in the comments!
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