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Chess TV's interview with Carlsen

Chess TV's interview with Carlsen

Unfortunately the interview with Magnus Carlsen we were hoping to do today couldn't go through. Because he will be leaving shortly for Norway, we instead sent our selection of questions (asked by you!) via email to his manager, and we hope to receive Magnus' answers soon. Meanwhile, another interview was published online: the one produced by the Chess TV team, who were also responsible for the live broadcast of the Anand-Carlsen match. They agreed that the interview could be embedded here on Chess.com.

Anastasiya Karlovich spoke to Carlsen on Monday shortly after the closing ceremony about his ambition to go for this title, about the most interesting games, about the meaning of the title compared to the number one spot in the rankings, about not naming the seconds, whether he feels tired, whether it will change his life, about chess in Norway, about his preparation, about comparing with Bobby Fischer, about his plans in the near future, and about how long Magnus can live without chess & internet, about motivation and about his father Henrik.

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