ChessBomb Joins To Power Top Event Coverage is now the best destination for chess events around the world.

ChessBomb Joins To Power Top Event Coverage

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ChessBomb teams up with to create new chess events destination for fans to watch top events.

Palo Alto, Calif., Nov. 7, 2018—ChessBomb, an online leader in live chess event coverage, will join to power a new chess events-watching destination at, the two companies announced today. 

Chess fans can now follow all the world's top chess tournaments, both over-the-board and online, at the new events site, which is available now. The new user interface brings the best features of ChessBomb to the audience.

The new user interface.

The new user interface.

The new site,, arrives in time for fans to watch the historic 2018 world championship match starting Nov. 9 between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. Caruana trails Carlsen by a slim margin in the live ratings and is the first American to challenge for the championship since Bobby Fischer in 1972.

The site will feature a live relay of every move from the 2018 world chess championship match, with more exciting features coming soon. 

Chess fans should be on the lookout for further improvements to the events interface leading up to the world championship.

"It's awesome to have the amazing ChessBomb team join us," said CEO Erik. "Top event coverage is an important part of the game. This partnership will allow us to improve the already-great ChessBomb platform with the resources of," he said.

Chess fans can expect the following features to be added to the site, said chief chess officer Daniel Rensch:

  • A embedded Twitch player with live video of shows, featuring chess masters like IM Daniel Rensch and GM Robert Hess
  • Live chat with the community
  • Live engine analysis with lines and evaluation

ChessBomb joins the team after 11 years of leading online chess coverage.

"We are full of ideas and enthusiasm," said ChessBomb cofounder Borislav Rizov.  "Joining forces with the wonderful team, we are inspired together to provide the chess audience with the best experience in coverage of the biggest chess events. Unity makes strength," said Rizov, referencing the motto of his country Bulgaria.

"After working for several months together with the team, I'm confident we are joining the right place," said ChessBomb cofounder Peter Petrov. "We share the same vision, and this is where our technology and experience will make the most impact. Great things are coming, stay tuned!"

Fans can watch all the most important chess events, including the 2018 world chess championship, at


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