Announcing The Immortal Game

Announcing The Immortal Game

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We're excited to announce the winners of the Immortal Game Contest. With more than 2,500 fantastic games submitted, we added 130 to's official Immortal Games Collection in our Library. You can enjoy those games by clicking the button below:

Over 50 games made it to the final voting stage of the contest. The community and the expert panel chose their favorites and voted to immortalize the best game in each category: Immortal Game, Immortal Queen Sacrifice, Immortal Swindle, Immortal Bullet Game, and Immortal Daily Game. Immortal Game: Supi vs. Carlsen

The first spot goes to the blitz masterpiece by Brazilian grandmaster Luis Paulo Supi against none other than the world champion Magnus Carlsen. After sacrificing a knight to open up the a-file to attack Carlsen's king, Supi found the "dirty" and "really awesome" (according to Carlsen himself) 18.Qc6!! to force checkmate. With this game, Supi won the $1,000 prize and carved his name into history. Immortal Game

Immortal Game Podium:

  1. GM Supi vs. GM Carlsen
  1. GM Smerdon vs. CM Balaji
  2. GM Naroditsky vs. GM Gareyev
  3. GM Yangyi vs. GM So
  4. GM Nakamura vs. GM Duda

Immortal Queen Sacrifice: GM Mamedyarov vs. GM Corrales

We love queen sacrifices, and so does GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. With an astounding queen sac in one of his blitz games against GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez, Mamedyarov snagged first place for Immortal Queen Sacrifice. After playing the surprising 11.Qxd5!! in the opening, the Azerbaijani super grandmaster opened up the enemy king to win the game and the $250 prize.

Immortal Queen Sacrifice

Immortal Queen Sacrifice Podium:

  1. 11.Qxd5!! by GM Mamedyarov
  1. 18.Qc6!! by GM Supi
  2. 32...Qxh2+!! by GM Naroditsky
  3. 22...Qh2+!! by GM Sarana
  4. 19...Qa1+!! by GM Duda

Immortal Swindle: GM Vachier-Lagrave vs. IM Shaikh

GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave rose from the ashes to win blitz a game against IM Mohammad Shaikh after blundering a bishop. Vachier-Lagrave sacrificed a bishop and the queen to checkmate in the middle of the board and produce the Immortal Swindle. MVL will receive the $250 prize for his cunning play.

Immortal Swindle

Immortal Swindle Podium:

  1. GM Vachier-Lagrave vs. IM Shaikh
  1. GM Ushenina vs. GM Yifan
  2. GM Grischuk vs. GM Bortnyk

Immortal Bullet Game: GM Naroditsky vs. GM Firouzja

The Immortal Bullet award and $250 prize goes to bullet extraordinaire GM Alireza Firouzja for his game against GM Daniel Naroditsky. After exchanging a queen for two minors and a rook, the 2021 Bullet Chess champion fended off Naroditsky's attack and successfully checkmated White.

Immortal Bullet Game

Immortal Bullet Podium:

  1. GM Naroditsky vs. GM Firouzja
  1. GM Vachier-Lagrave vs. GM Nakamura
  2. GM Grischuk vs. GM Duda

Immortal Daily Game: Pow vs. Plebington-Smyth

The Immortal Daily Game goes to user @Phrscoll for his eye-catching sacrifices against @sebastian_plebington. Phrscoll offered his queen twice to play the forcing combination that culminated in a beautiful checkmate. With this game, Phrscoll takes home the $250 prize.

Immortal Daily Game

Immortal Daily Game Podium:

  1. Pow vs. Plebington-Smyth
  1. IM Banerjee vs. Machirica
  2. CM Mogirzan vs. Scott

Diamond Membership Winners

Prizes are not only for the people who played the games—the following members will win a one-year membership for being the first to submit the award-winning games:

  • @lukita2
  • @6a6yshka
  • @VoidMick
  • @chaarvichoudhury2009
  • @Phrscoll

Even though the contest is over, we know that our users will continue to play amazing games. If you know of any game that deserve a spot in our official Immortal Games Collection, submit it to us through this form. We'll keep updating the collection with jaw-dropping games for your enjoyment!

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