SlikeR Beats Ludwig, Makes Consolation Bracket Bet
With Erobb's match postponed, Ludwig and SlikeR squared off in an exhibition. Will the two play again in the consolation bracket?

SlikeR Beats Ludwig, Makes Consolation Bracket Bet

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The third round of the PogChamps kicked off on Thursday, with Fuslie and NateHill battling for their championship bracket lives. While Erobb's match with Voyboy was postponed to this Saturday, Ludwig and SlikeR brought the trash talk in a single-game grudge match.

Group B is set to continue on Friday at 12:45 p.m. Pacific Time (21:45 Central Europe) as all eyes turn on MoistCr1tikal and Yassuo.

moistCr1tikal PogChamps
How strong will MoistCr1tikal's preparation be for his group stage finale?

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PogChamps Sees First Draw, NateHill Advances On CAPS

With both players needing a win, Fuslie and NateHill produced the PogChamps' first draw. Despite the peaceful results, the game featured numerous swings, with both players missing decisive chances to win.

After getting two queens, Fuslie let NateHill's passed pawn escape and promote, shifting the balance of the game. NateHill reached a winning endgame but was unable to find the needed mating net to win. When the dust settled, only kings remained.

The draw ensures Voyboy will win the group, even with a loss to Erobb this weekend. NateHill's superior average CAPS score was enough to see him claim his ticket to the championship bracket. Fuslie, now in the consolation bracket, will be one of the favorites to take the section.

Group A Standings

# Streamer Points
1 Voyboy 6
2 NateHill 4
3 fuslie 4
4 erobb221 0

SlikeR Downs Ludwig In Exhibition Match

While SlikeR beat Ludwig over the board, Ludwig made it clear that he was holding his preparation for the consolation bracket. SlikeR missed a mate-in-one early, which gave Ludwig some life to keep the game going.

SlikeR, realizing that he missed the mate-in-one immediately, made it his mission to punish the American, taking nearly all his pieces and even savoring his final move:

Will these two play again? With both players destined for the consolation bracket, it's certainly possible. Should SlikeR beat xChocobars and Ludwig lose to Swiftor (or vice versa) in their final group stage games, the two will rematch in the quarterfinals. Otherwise, both players will likely need to reach the consolation bracket finals for a rematch.

As agreed on the broadcast, should the two meet again this tournament, the loser will allow the winner to send a tweet from their Twitter account. Don't expect the winner to hold back.

MoistCr1tikal Returns For Final Group Stage Test 

Many will be wondering what MoistCr1tikal's prophet, coach Daniel Naroditsky, has in store for Yassuo. With his help, MoistCr1tikal produced the most viral moment of the PogChamps so far, checkmating xQc in just six moves. Yassuo should prove to be a much tougher test, as the League of Legends streamer nearly beat tournament favorite Hutch in the second round. Clocks will start at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time (22:00 Central Europe) on

yassuo moistCr1tikal PogChamps
How prepared will MoistCr1tikal be for Yassuo?

xQc Looks To Avenge Second Round Setback

xQc's much-anticipated return to the PogChamps will be against Group B's leader, Hutch. After losing in six moves against MoistCr1tikal, many players are looking for xQc to bounce back. While both players are a lock for their respective post-group stage fortunes, this will be an interesting test for both sides. The day's final game starts at 2 p.m. Pacific Time (23:00 Central Europe) on

hutch xQcow PogChamps
Can xQc overcome his second-round loss against one of the tournament's strongest players?

Still deciding who to root for in the first-ever PogChamps? Here's a quick sampler of each streamer:

Make sure to tune into's official day 8 coverage of the 2020 PogChamps at 12:45 p.m. Pacific Time (21:45 Central Europe) on

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