News Tournament for Charity

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Raising money for those in need as well as awareness through chess tournaments with help from and The House of Staunton.


The internet allows the chess community an opportunity to connect globally - By way of these tournaments I hope to bring this community closer through the common goal of giving. We have completed the initial planning and want to give the community a chance to voice their thoughts and opinions - Here is a summary of what is being planned: 

1)       Three tournaments for charity:

a.       Rating <1401; Rating >1400 but less than 1801; Rating >1800.

b.      By invitation, dependant on a charitable donation – see below in #2.

c. is dropping the membership requirement for non-paying site members that may already be involved in another tournament, as non-paying members are only allowed to play in one tournament at a time.

d.      Maximum tournament size of 100 players; minimum of 50 players needed to run the tournament.

e.       Groups of 5; 1 winner of each group to be promoted to the next round.f.        1 or 3 days per move (To Be Determined).g.      There will be prizes offered for the 1st and 2nd place winners of each tournament from and The House of Staunton as well as some randomly drawn prizes available for all players entered. Please note that these prizes are still in the process of being determined.

2)       How do I get invited?

a.       Players will send a message to the tournament organizer including the charity that you will be donating to.

b.      Tournament organizer will send you an invitation to one of the tournaments based on your rating. Invitations will be based on the order in which messages are received.

c.       Once the tournament size has reached 50, an announcement will be sent asking that those registered go to the charity site that will be provided and make their donation.

3)       Which Charities can I give to?:

a.       Currently selected charities to receive donations for this tournament are: The American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The MS Foundation of Canada, OXFAM, CARE, and The Douglas Macmillan Hospice. There is room for up to 2 more charities – If you would like to sponsor a charity please contact me for further information.

b.      Minimum donation amount is still to be determined but will not exceed $20 USD. 

Your comments regarding this planned event would be appreciated.