ChessUp 2: Now You Can Play Games Directly On A Board

ChessUp 2: Now You Can Play Games Directly On A Board

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It’s the ingenious new device that’s set to revolutionize the way you play games on—and here's how you can get one.

The new ChessUp 2 is a major leap forward in smart chessboards. Following on from the market-leading original ChessUp board, the new upgrade is designed to bring the absolute best of online chess to a real board.

During April a time-limited Kickstarter campaign is taking place allowing you to pre-order one with a $100 discount. Click here to find out more.

Coming soon: The new ChessUp 2. Photo: Bryght Labs.

For chess players old and new, it's easy to see why you might want one. ChessUp 2 comes fully supported by, allowing you to play your online rated games against humans or bots, screen-free on a physical board. It is the best of both worlds.

No app is needed, you don't even need a smartphone. Instead the wifi-enabled touch-screen board syncs directly to your account, allowing you to enjoy a true over-the-board experience.

Once completed, games can then be saved and analyzed as normal on Each piece is touch sensitive and has its own ID chip allowing perfect responsive gameplay.

You can pre-order a ChessUp 2 now with a $100 discount. Photo: Bryght Labs.

AI assistance can also be used to give hints and allow players of different skill levels to play each other. Beginners can also learn on the board using the feature where you touch a piece and see all the possible moves. It is perfect for players of all levels.

New Features Found Only On ChessUp 2:

  • Includes a touch screen. No additional app required.
  • Touch Sense Pieces + Piece ID chips in every piece. 100% perfect and responsive gameplay.
  • Built-in Wifi. Connect directly online.
  • Supported by Includes platform-favorite features such as bots.

The ChessUp 2 is made by Bryght Labs, an innovation studio formed by a senior team of electronics designers and engineers. Bryght Labs released the original ChessUp in 2021 and it went on to become the number-one smart chessboard on the market.

This is the most authentic experience yet, merging online play and the ability to find opponents anywhere in the world with having a physical board at your fingertips.

For a limited time only during April 2024, ChessUp 2 will be available for $199 through the exclusive Kickstarter Campaign—a $100 saving off the full $299 retail price. Check it out.

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