China Beats India 18-14 In Hyderabad Match

China Beats India 18-14 In Hyderabad Match

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China defeated India in a friendly match between the two countries held in Hyderabad. The final score was 18-14.

The Olympic champions were the favorites against the bronze medal winners in Tromsø, and lived up to the expectations. In a friendly match between two chess giants, China was too strong for India: 18-14.

The top scorer of both teams finished on 5.0/8: GM PM Sethumaran for India, and GM Ding Liren for China. GM Baskaran Adhiban's score of 2.5/8 was disappointing for India, while its highest rated player, GM Krishnan Sasikiran, did even worse: 2.0/8.

In Sunday's sixth round China beat India 3-1. GM Wei Yi's game against GM Babu Lalith was a nice example of a bishop being stronger than a knight:

GM Zhou Jianchao showed fantastic defensive skills in his game against GM Baskaran Adhiban:

GM Krishnan Sasikiran's bad form continued in his game with GM Wei Yi on Monday. Good preparation should have been followed up with an agressive 23rd move, and Black is in dire straits. As it went, Wei just outcalculated his opponent.

The ending might have been a draw at some point. | Photo: official website.

In the first game between the two top scorers, White suffered an opening catastrophe:

The next day Ding took revenge in a long and very interesting battle:

The match between India and China followed a double Scheveningen system: each player on one team played each player on the other team twice. It was held March 1-10 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India. The prize fund totaled one million rupees (14,688 Euro or US $15,927).

The two countries prepared for the upcoming World Team Championship. This tournament takes place April 18-29 in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia between Russia, China, Hungary, India, USA, Egypt, Ukraine, Armenia, Cuba and Israel. Unfortunately it clashes with the Gashimov Memorial.

2015 India-China Summit | Total Scores

Sasikiran Adhiban Sethuraman Lalith Pts
Ding Liren 1½ 01 01 5
Wei Yi 1½ ½0 ½½ ½1 4½
Zhou Jianchao ½½ 11 ½0 4
Wang Chen 11 ½1 0½ ½0 4½
Total 18
Ding Liren Wei Yi Zhou Jianchao Wang Chen Pts
Sasikiran 0½ 0½ ½½ 00 2
Adhiban 00 ½0 2½
Sethuraman 10 ½½ ½1 1½ 5
Lalith 10 ½0 ½1 ½1
Total 14

2015 India-China Summit | Individual Performances

# Name Rtg Pts Perf
1 Sethuraman 2623 5.0/8 2711
2 Ding Liren 2755 5.0/8 2720
3 Lalith 2556 4.5/8 2664
4 Wei Yi 2706 4.5/8 2675
5 Wang 2500 4.5/8 2651
6 Zhou 2578 4.0/8 2621
7 Adhiban 2646 2.5/8 2516
8 Sasikiran 2682 2.0/8 2475

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