ClearSale Blitz Masters on!

ClearSale Blitz Masters on!

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ClearSale, in partnership with, organizes the ClearSale Blitz Chess Masters, held from July 24-26, 2020, bringing for the first time an event with 10 GMs and 2 IMs from Brazil! The event starts with a group stage and ends with an 8-player knockout.

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Event information below:



  • Group Stage - July 24 
    • GROUP A: 11:00 PDT (15:00 BRT)
    • GROUP B: 14:00 PDT (18:00 BRT)
  • Quarterfinals - July 25 
    • Match 1: 10:00 PDT (14:00 BRT)
    • Match 2: 11:30 PDT(15:30 BRT)
    • Match 3: 13:00 PDT (17:00 BRT)
    • Match 4: 14:30 PDT (18:30 BRT)
  • Semifinals - July 26 
    • Match 5: 10:00 PDT (14:00 BRT)
    • Match 6: 12:00 PDT (16:00 BRT)
  • Final - July 26 
    • Match 7: 15:00 PDT (19:00 BRT)


R$ 10,000

  • Winner: R$2,000
  • Runner-up: R$1,500
  • Semifinalists: R$1100
  • 5th-8th places: R$700
  • 9th-12th places: R$375


Group stage

The 12 players will split into two groups of 6, and will play a double round-robin (10 rounds). The four first players of each group qualify for the quarterfinals. The time control in all matches will be 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move, for each player.

The tie-breaks will be:

  • Mutual score
  • Sonnenborn-Berger
  • Koya
  • 2 games with 3m+2s, followed by Armageddon game

Group A - July 24 (15:00 BRT)

  1. GM Evandro Barbosa (2509) - Evandro_Barbosa
  2. GM André Diamant (2540) - Zugazuando
  3. GM Henrique Mecking (2553) - Jpsmo
  4. IM Roberto Molina (2431) - RobertoJBM
  5. GM Alexandr Fier (2560) - A-Fier
  6. GM Felipe El Debs (2553) - elefante33 

Group B - July 24 (18:00 BRT)

  1. GM Rafael Leitão (2592) - GMRafaelLeitao
  2. GM Gilberto Milos (2572) - GilMil
  3. GM Luis Paulo Supi (2572) - LPSupi
  4. GM Everaldo Matsuura (2451) - AugustoMatraga
  5. IM Renato Quintiliano (2469) - QuintilianoR
  6. GM Yago Santiago (2500) - Kira170


The pairings are defined according to the ranking in the group stage:

Match 1: 1st place group A x 4th place group B

Match 2: 2nd place group A x 3rd place group B

Match 3: 3rd place group A x 2nd place group B

Match 4: 4th place group A x 1st place group B

The quarterfinals will be played in a best-of-8 match (it is necessary to score 4.5 to qualify to the next stage).

The player with the best ranking in the group stage has the right to choose the color of the first game of the match and also the color of the Armageddon game (explained below). If players have achieved the same placement in the group stage, then the following criteria will be used:

  • Winning the previous match in the knockout in the least number of games;
  • Scoring most points in the group stage;
  • Draw

In the case of a tie, two additional games are played with 3m+2s. If the tie persists after two games, an Armageddon game is played with 5 minutes vs. 4 minutes and Black having draw odds.


Match 5: Winner M1 x Winner M3

Match 6: Winner M2 x Winner M4

The semifinals will be played in a best-of-10 match (it is necessary to score 5.5 to qualify for the final). In the case of a tie, a tiebreak match is played followed by Armageddon, as described above.


Match 7: Winner M5 x Winner M6

The Final will be played in a 12-game match (it is necessary to make 6.5 to be the winner). In the case of tie, a tiebreak match is played followed by Armageddon, as described above.

Final Bracket (will be available after group stage)


  • Players are prohibited from watching the official broadcast during the games.
  • There are no ‘takebacks’ or ‘mouseslip’. If any player disconnects, he will have all the time available on the clock to reconnect. If he fails to return in time, he will lose the game.

Player requirements:

  • Players must be connected to the Zoom during the event;
  • Players agree to have the video available during the Final for the broadcast and for security reasons;
  • Players agree to share the screen with the organization during the games, through the Zoom.
  • In case of trouble connection, the player will have all the time available on the clock to try to reconnect. If it is not possible to return, the player will lose the game.


All ClearSale Blitz Masters matches will be broadcasted LIVE in portuguese in the following channels:

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