News Teams Up With CLG For First CLG Arena With $2,100 In Prizes Teams Up With CLG For First CLG Arena With $2,100 In Prizes

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New York, NY, September 3, 2020 – CLG, a top-tier North American esports organization, and, the world's largest online chess website, have announced a partnership with the first-ever CLG Chess Arena. Starting on Tuesday, September 8 at 2 p.m. Pacific Time (23:00 Central European Time), this event is open to participants at every level of play, with a prize pool of $2,100. The arena is the first of its kind, as it marks the first time a professional esports organization is hosting a live tournament on

“As chess continues to grow in both popularity and accessibility, we believe this is an opportunity to connect further with chess players and those who are fans of the game,” said Dan Fleeter, COO of CLG. “CLG is consistently looking for ways to innovate and bring communities together and we see this as just one small step towards our foray into the world of Chess.”

Prizes will feature both overall and class prizes, giving players of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for cash.

CLG Prizes
The CLG Chess Arena will feature a $2100 prize fund with various class prizes.

WGM Qiyu "CLG Nemo" Zhou, a content creator and chess player who holds the titles of FIDE Master and Woman Grandmaster, will be hosting the tournament. She won the Canadian Women’s Championship in 2016. The tournament will be broadcast live on both Nemo's and CLG’s Twitch Channels.

"CLG is an elite esports organization that we are excited to be working with to promote chess to new audiences," said Isaac Steincamp,'s Director of Strategy. "Promoting the game for both professional and novice players is a priority for, and we're happy to be partnering with an organization that values the greater online chess community."

WGM Qiyu Zhou
WGM Qiyu (CLG Nemo) Zhou became the first chess player signed by an esports organization last month.

The two-hour long arena will kick off on Tuesday, September 8 at 2 p.m. Pacific Time (23:00 Central European Time) and will be hosted by WGM Qiyu (CLG Nemo) Zhou on the official CLG Twitch Channel. The event will be open to the public from Live Chess, and will feature a 5+0 time control.

Looking to join CLG's official club? Make sure to join their club for exclusive cash prize tournaments and updates.

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