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Announcing the College Ambassador Program! is excited to announce the launch of our College Ambassador Program! This program is designed to empower college students to grow their chess club while also sharing the great game of chess across their campus. will be supporting colleges worldwide with prizes, VIP chess-community access, learning opportunities, and internships. We’ve designed this program to help highly motivated students share our mission-driven love of chess and benefit both themselves and the chess club that they represent. 

At the end of the Collegiate Chess League season, will select 10 of the most dedicated ambassadors to travel in person for an exclusive all-paid-for chess event to celebrate their efforts with's Chief Chess Officer, IM Daniel Rensch, among other chess celebrities and VIPs. 

Below you will find all the details on what it takes to be a college chess ambassador and the rewards you can win for yourself and your club. 

What is the Ambassador Program and what are its goals?

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for leaders of college chess clubs to earn exciting prizes and rewards by growing the chess community on their campus. 

Program goals:

  • Improve your school’s chess club
  • Organically grow chess on campus
  • Expand chess to new audiences 
  • Continue to build a following on social media

What is an Ambassador and how do I become one? 

  • An Ambassador is someone who is passionate about growing the game of chess within their community by leading their club and organizing events. 
  • You support’s values of bringing chess to the world in a fun, positive way!
  • You’re excited to build your resume, build relationships, and find new ideas to get people to play chess online and across your campus.

Find all the details here!


In order to be a college chess ambassador, you must be currently enrolled in college or a university. Schools are allowed to have up to three Ambassadors. This program is only for passionate and motivated student-leaders looking to grow their college chess club. 

The exclusive, in-person chess party, internships, and merchandise packages are also for North American schools only. The top 10 Diamond Ambassadors will be chosen at’s discretion for this season. 

Your own Contact:

For schools located in the West Coast or international schools:

For Central schools: 

For schools on the East Coast:

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