Corrales Jimenez, Leon Hoyos & Gonzalez Garcia

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Corrales Jimenez, Leon Hoyos and Gonzalez Garcia, that sounds nice. These double names, common in Spanish speaking countries, stand for the three winners of the Mexican Open Championships 2007. Well, the real winner was Corrales Jimenez, on tiebreak. The big favourite was Lazaro Bruzon but he finished only at the 7th place in this nine round Swiss that was played last week. The tournament organizers have sent us photos - something that now occurs quite often. More and more tournament organizers know where to ChessVibes and send us material; something we're very happy with of course.

Last week more than 1200 chess players participated in different categories (women, seniors, pupils in different age groups, etc.) in Aguascalientes. The total prize fund was 41,500 euros.


Google Map: Aguascalientes

Top final standings of the Mexican open:

 1. IM Corrales Jimenez, Fidel       7,5
 2. IM Leon Hoyos, Manuel            7,5
 3. GM Gonzalez Garcia, Jose         7,5
 4. GM Zapata, Alonso                 7
 5. IM Ibarra Chami, Luis Fernand     7
 6. GM Mitkov, Nikola                 7
 7. GM Bruzon Batista, Lazaro         7
 8. GM Quezada Perez, Yuniesky        7
 9. IM Escobedo Tinajero, Alberto     7
10. ... (205 participants)

Downloadable games (PGN) are hard to find on the site but here you can replay quite a lot.

GM Lazaro Bruzon Batista

GM Nikola Mitkov

GM Juan Carlos Gonzalez Zamora

GM Yunieski Quezada Perez

IM Fidel Corrales Jimenez

IM Manuel Leon Hoyos

IM Rodney Perez Garcia

FM Alfonso Ferriz Carrasquedo Senior

NM Maria Cecilia Ibarra

Sergio Jose Morales Garcia

Lluis Fernando Ibarra Chami

Thanks to Benjam?ɬ?n G?ɬ?ngora Montes.
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