Corus Won't Bore Us

Corus Won't Bore Us

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The famous annual tournament held in the small Dutch seaside town of Wijk aan Zee, better known simply as 'Corus' after the longstanding sponsor, will play host to another feast of top-quality chess in January 2009.

First the bad news - Anand, Kramnik and Topalov declined their invitations.  Disappointed?  You shouldn't be, because the remaining line-up is so full of crowd-pleasing favourites that their absence is easily forgotten.  The confirmed field for the prestigious 'A Group' is:

Alexander Morozevich  RUS 2787 
Vassily Ivanchuk  UKR 2786 
Magnus Carlsen  NOR 2786 
Levon Aronian  ARM 2757 
Teimour Radjabov  AZE 2751 
Wang Yue  CHN 2736 
Michael Adams  ENG 2734 
Sergei Movsesian
 SVK 2732 
Sergei Karjakin  UKR 2730 
Gata Kamsky  USA 2729 
Leinier Dominguez  CUB 2719 
Loek van Wely  NED 2618 
Daniel Stellwagen  NED 2605 
Jan Smeets  NED 2604 

If we are going to be picky, it might have been nice to see one less local player (no offence to Van Wely, Stellwagen and Smeets) and instead have someone like Nakamura in their place, but Kamsky will be flying the flag alone for the USA.  Also, since Anand is absent it might have been nice to see Sasikiran representing India, especially now that Corus is a subsidiary of the giant Indian company Tata Steel.

The tournament is a single round robin which runs from 16 Jan - 1 Feb and the time controls will be 40 moves in 2 hours, followed by 20 moves in an hour, and finally 15 minutes plus a 30 second/move increment to finish the game.  The participants in the B and C Groups should be announced soon.

The official website is here.  Look out for coverage at!

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