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Current & Upcoming Events

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If you're missing the frenzy of chess coverage spawned by the recent Corus tournament, then fear not!  More high-level chess events are currently on-going and even more are on the way soon.

The Gibtelecom Masters is nearing it's climax in Gibraltar, with the quality of the official website matching the quality of the chess on display.

The Moscow Open is another strong event currently in full swing in err...Moscow.  The games began on 30 January and will finish on 7 February in this big open event featuring joint top seeds Sergei Rublevsky and Alexander Motylev (2697 Elo).

Unfortunately the official site is not as polished, and is currently not even working, but hopefully will be back up soon.

In the coming soon department, we have the giant Aeroflot Open (9-17 February), also in Moscow, which also has a blitz qualification tournament for the world blitz championship in November tagged on at the end after the closing ceremony.

Last but most definitely not least is the 'Wimbledon of Chess", Linares from 12-25 February. The official website is not yet updated from last year, but I understand that the players in this year's event are:

 Veselin Topalov 
 Levon Aronian
 Alexander Grischuk 
 Francisco Vallejo Pons 
 Boris Gelfand
 Vugar Gashimov
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