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Alberto David Wins 3rd Livigno Open

Alberto David Wins 3rd Livigno Open

Livigno Open 2012.jpgPRESS RELEASE: Double victory for David at the International Livigno Chess Open!

Grand Master (GM) Alberto David (Hotel Livigno) has won the 3rd International Livigno Chess Open. The Italian player got the upper hand during the last round against Martyn Kravstiv (Ukraine) and thus getting the same points as the Croatian Ognjen Jovanic (Hotel Astoria - Croazia) and the Ukrainan Yaroslav Zinchenko (Hotel Alpina). Therefore Buchholz has been taken into account, giving the 1st prize to David for only half a point.

Fourth place in the Open A ranking for Satyapragyan Swayang (India - Chalet Li Mina), Renier Castellanos Rodriguez (Hotel Piccolo Tibet - Spain), Andrey Vovk (Ukraine - Hotel Concordia), the Russian Sergey Volkov (Hotel Lac Salin, winner in 2011). Eighth place for Kravstiv who made better than Tomas Polak (Hotel Galli, Czech Republic) and, Igor Naumkin (Hotel Astoria – winner in 2010).

Left to right: Ognjen Jovanic, Alberto David, Yaroslav Zinchenko

3 international livigno chess Open - premiazione prize giving -Jovanic - David - Zinchenko Foto Mick Veznik 2012 -IMG_6203.JPG


This is not the first prize for David in Livigno. During the week, the now Italian chess player (he was born in Luxembourg from an Italian family) has also won the Grand Prix Distillati Mazzetti D'Altavilla, taking home a precious crystal chessboard, whose hand-blown pieces are actually little bottles containing excellent liqueurs. During the Grand Prix evening Sinisa Drazic (Hotel Lanz) got the second place and Castellanos the third one.


crystal chessboard - 3 international livigno chess Open - Foto Mick Veznik 2012 - IMG_6009.JPG


Mazzetti hasn’t been the only sponsor for the tournament. For the first player there was a Baume & Mercier watch, and for second and third places the Alpi di Livigno company has offered two special prizes: a wheel of Parmesan cheese (about 47 kilos) and a whole Parma ham. This has been an original way to support the Emilia region (where both this cheese and the ham are produced), which was shattered by a devastating earthquake a few months ago.


3 International Livigno Chess Open - i premi - foto Adriano Pedrana - IMG_2411.JPG


Moreover the Organizing Committee has received the support of Livigno Tourist Office and of the city council, as well as that of many hoteliers who have decided to “adopt” a GM for the whole duration of the event. Some hoteliers have also become friends with the chess players they were hosting, and many of them have also started to play chess.

During the International Livigno Chess Open three players have also got a norm (i.e. an advancement step to a higher title). Samuel Franklin (England) had one for IM (International Master), and the Indian Satyapragyan Swayang (Chalet Li Mina) as well as Renier Castellanos Rodriguez (Hotel Piccolo Tibet) got one each as GM. Thanks to this, Castellanos Rodriguez now has reached the full title of Grand Master. Among women, first place for Inna Iasman (Hotel St. Michael – France), followed by the German Nadine Stitterlich and Maria Teresa Arnetta (Hotel Amerikan – Italy).

Left to right: Inna Iasman, Nadine Stitterich, Maria Teresa Arnetta

3 international livigno chess Open - premiazione prize giving - donne Open A - Inna Iasman - Nadine Stitterich - Maria Teresa Arnetta Foto Mick Veznik 2012 - IMG_6170.JPG


Open B (reserved for players with Elo below 2000) saw the triumph of Steffen Mages (Germany), followed by Alessandro Bossi and Giancarlo Badano (Italy). Mayuri Karunanayake (Chalet Li Mina) from Sri Lanka was the only female player.

Left to right: Giancarlo Badano, Alessandro Bossi, Steffen Mages

3 international livigno chess Open - cerimonia premiazione - open B - Giancarlo Badano-Alessandro Bossi-Steffen Mages- premia Luca Moretti apt - Foto Mick Veznik 2012 - I.JPG


During the prize giving ceremony, all players were thanked by dott. Giambattista Ceresa, Pesident of the local Chess Club, and by Luca Moretti, President of Livigno Tourist Office. Both of them concluded with a “goodbye”, hinting therefore that there could be further editions of this tournament (whose survival depends on the financing by the local government).


Livigno 2012 – Open A top standings

# Name Elo Fed Pts Buc1 BucT
1 David Alberto 2599 ITA 6.5 46.5 50.5
2 Jovanic Ognjen 2511 CRO 6.5 46.5 50.0
3 Zinchenko Yaroslav 2528 UKR 6.5 41.0 45.0
4 Satyapragyan Swayang 2435 IND 6.0 48.0 51.5
5 Castellanos Rodrigue 2491 ESP 6.0 47.5 52.0
6 Vovk Andrey 2549 UKR 6.0 45.0 49.0
7 Volkov Sergey 2575 RUS 6.0 44.5 49.0
8 Kravtsiv Martyn 2581 UKR 6.0 43.0 47.5
9 Polak Tomas 2522 CZE 6.0 40.5 44.5
10 Naumkin Igor 2473 RUS 5.5 41.5 46.0
11 Timoshenko Georgy 2518 UKR 5.5 39.5 43.5
12 Sveshnikov Vladimir 2405 LAT 5.5 38.5 42.0
13 Valsecchi Alessio 2427 ITA 5.5 36.5 40.0
14 Franklin Samuel G A 2281 ENG 5.0 42.0 45.5
15 Roy Chowdhury Saptar 2419 IND 5.0 42.0 44.5
16 Bentivegna Francesco 2319 ITA 5.0 42.0 43.0
17 Sveshnikov Evgeny 2530 LAT 5.0 39.0 43.5
18 Piscopo Pierluigi 2381 ITA 5.0 38.5 41.0
19 Zhou Yang-Fan 2414 ENG 5.0 38.0 41.0
20 Bruno Fabio 2423 ITA 4.5 45.5 48.5


The organizing committee has received positive feedback for this tournament. Praise has been given to the high level of the event and to the beautiful panoramas, as well as for the welcoming atmosphere of the village. Particular appreciation has been reserved to the apples who were offered by the organizers. More than 200 kilos were consumed throughout the tournament. The official website – www.livignoscacchi.it with live coverage of the game – was followed on average by 2,600 unique visitors per day, coming from 94 nations. The Facebook page dedicated to the event saw more than 3,000 unique visitors in the week of the tournament. Many websites have talked about the event – among them the Fide official website.  No less than 86 chess players have taken part in the International Livigno Chess Open. Among them 14 GMs, the same number of IMs as well as 7 FMs and one WFM.

The hope now is that the International Livigno Chess Open would go on next years as well, with the support of the city council and of the Tourist Office. In the meantime, you can visit the official website www.livignoscacchi.it where games and rankings are published. You can also visit the Facebook page, follow on Twitter and Google Plus.


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