David Navara wins Ordix Open

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David Navara has won the super strong rapid tournament Ordix Open in Mainz, after dominating the event on the last day. His incredible score of 9,5 out of 10 was already enough to win the tournament because although he lost in the last round, which allowed Mchedlishvili and Sasikiran to join him with 9,5 out of 11, David's progressive score was by far the best of course. ChessVibes is happy with this Ordix Open winner since we've been a fan of this friendly young boy from the Czech Republic for a while. After the prize giving I had an interview with him.

OK, David Navara, congratulations with your win in the rapid tournament Ordix Open!

Thank you very much.

You had a wonderful tournament I think, playing mostly on board one on the second day. Can you mention some opponents you beat today?

I won against grandmasters Mamdyarov, Akopian, and for instance Harikrishna but then I had a big, big luck. He lost on time in a completely winning position. That sometimes happens, it's unpleasant but it's not my fault simply. The only thing I can do is show at the clock.

Yeah, that's true. So I think you were leading with a point in the last round right, 9,5 out of 10?


That's a fantastic score. So what happened in the last game against Sasikiran?

Yes I played it badly simply, I blundered a piece. Then it was completely hopeless. It sometimes happens to me that I play badly in last rounds and unfortunately not only in last rounds as I many times managed to prove. I would rather not have proved such a thing but OK, I was probably nervous and... I don't know but... OK I make mistakes in every tournament and I also always blunder anything...

Yeah, well, luckily anyone makes mistakes in the whole tournament so I think you can still win a tournament with some mistakes during...


Of course you qualified for next year for the big finals. Do you look forward too that?

Yes, of course I do!

And how did you score in the Chess960 tournament?

I had 9 points out of 11 but I did not play on the top boards; I had a good finish.

Aha, OK. And what do you think about this chess variant 960?

I like it very much because it is more creative and there is not so much theory and so on, so I probably even prefer it to classical chess but there are not so many opportunities to play this 960.

Yeah, that's true. What do you think of this tournament?

Yes, I'm very satisfied with my result and the organisation was very good.

Yes, OK, and what is your next tournament you're going to play?

I'm going to play... do you mean serious tournament or...

Yeah well, any.

OK, as for serious tournaments I'm going to play in Karlovy Vary / Karlsbad, in the Czech Republic, it should be an eight players round-robin with grandmasters Shirov, Akopian, Ponomariov, Kortchnoi, Timman, Movsesian, Laznicka and me.

That's a very interesting field!


All right, well, I wish you good luck and enjoy your victory over here!

Thank you very much.

Thank you!

A very interesting game was David's win with Black against Tigran Petrosian. Tigran showed an excellent sense of humor by forking two queens and a king and resigning at the same time!

All games can be downloaded (PGN) here.

Final standings:

 1. GM Navara,David              2656   9,5 
 2. GM Mchedlishvili,Mikhail     2624   9,5 
 3. GM Sasikiran,Krishnan        2674   9,5
 4. GM Petrosian,Tigran L.       2613   9,0  
 5. GM Bologan,Victor            2650   9,0
 6. GM Pentala,Harikrishna       2664   9,0  
 7. GM Almasi,Zoltan             2682   9,0  
 8. GM Drozdovskyy,Yuriy         2572   9,0 
 9. GM Moiseenko,Alexander       2641   9,0 
10. GM Nielsen,Peter-Heine       2638   9,0 
11. GM Volokitin,Andrej          2698   9,0  
12. IM Seel,Christian            2495   9,0 
13. GM Khenkin,Igor              2602   8,5  
14. GM Ivantschuk,Vassili        2766   8,5 
15. GM Karjakin,Sergey           2678   8,5 
16. GM Horvath,Adam              2491   8,5 
17. GM Bareev,Evgeny             2653   8,5 
18. GM Kamsky,Gata               2717   8,5 
19. GM Lalic,Bogdan              2509   8,5  
20. IM Schaefer,Markus           2411   8,5 
21. GM Vogt,Lothar               2473   8,5 
22. IM Smerdon,David             2461   8,5 
23. FM Becking,Stephan           2387   8,5 
24. GM Sargissian,Gabriel        2667   8,0 
25. GM Burmakin,Vladimir         2592   8,0 
26. GM Gyimesi,Zoltan            2607   8,0 
26. GM Lysyj,Igor                2578   8,0 
28. GM Iljin,Artem               2569   8,0 
29. GM Meier,Georg               2552   8,0 
30. GM D?ɬ?ttling,Fabian           2537   8,0
31. ... (a total of 762 players!)

Full final standings here.

Sasikiran and Navara discussing their last round game in the hall.

The numbers 1, 2 and 3 of the combined standings (Chess960 and classical chess): 1. Bologan, 2. Navara and 3. Sasikiran.
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