Dominguez Stretches Lead In Biel

Dominguez Stretches Lead In Biel

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Leinier Dominguez (pictured) is still undefeated at this year's Biel tournament in Switzerland and won again today with the Black pieces against Evgeny Alekseev to extend his lead to a full point with two rounds to go.  The game was a sharp Sicilian Najdorf and Dominguez won out in the complications near the time control to ensure victory.

Carlsen's game against Bacrot was also a lively affair, but Bacrot was worthy of at least a draw and the players split the point.

Finally, raise a cheer for Yannick Pelletier who managed to score another half point today by drawing his encounter with Alexander Onischuk.  Pelletier is much better than his results here suggest and he will no doubt hope to pull out at least one victory before the tournament ends.

In the penultimate round tomorrow (30 July) Dominguez will clash with Carlsen for the second time - their first game ended in a draw - and this time he has the White pieces.  It's Cuba versus Norway in a game that could decide the fate of the tournament.

The results in round 8:

Alekseev, Evgeny - Dominguez Perez, Leinier 0-1 45 B91 Sicilian Najdorf with 6.g3
Bacrot, Etienne - Carlsen, Magnus ½-½ 31 E21 Nimzo Indian 4.Nf3
Pelletier, Yannick - Onischuk, Alexander ½-½ 53 D38 QGD Ragozin


The standings after round 8:

 Dominguez Perez, Leinier
 CUB 2708 

 Carlsen, Magnus   NOR  2775 

 Alekseev, Evgeny   RUS  2708 

 Bacrot, Etienne   FRA  2691 

 Onischuk, Alexander   USA  2670  

 Pelletier, Yannick   SUI  2569 

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