Dortmund 2012 Tournament

Dortmund 2012 Tournament

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The 40th edition of the Dortmund Sparkassen chess meeting which takes place from 13-22 July in Germany.

The modern Dortmund tournament has been held annually since 1973, and over the past decade it has been dominated by Vladimir Kramnik, who in 2011 achieved his 10th title!

The format for the 2012 competition is different to recent years.  Instead of a 6-player double round-robin it will be a 10-player single round-robin, headed by Kramnik in search of an 11th title.

The four extra players are the gold medal-winning German team from the 2011 European Team Championships: Arkadij Naiditsch, Daniel Fridman, Georg Meier and Jan Gustafsson.

The rounds start each day at 15:00 local time (13:00 UTC), except the last round which starts 2 hours earlier.  There is one rest day on the 18th July.

The time control is 40 moves in 100 minutes, then 20 moves in 50 minutes, and then 15 minutes to finish with a 30 second increment from the start of the game.

Live game link here.

The full 2012 line-up looks like this:


Name  Nat Elo 
Kramnik, Vladimir  RUS  2801
Caruana, Fabiano  ITA  2767
Karjakin, Sergey  RUS  2766
Ponomariov, Ruslan  UKR  2727
Leko, Peter  HUN  2720
Naiditsch, Arkadij  GER  2702
Bartel, Mateusz  POL  2665
Fridman, Daniel  GER  2653
Meier, Georg  GER  2647
Gustafsson, Jan  GER  2642


Full list of past winners (via Wikipedia)

1973 Heikki Westerinen
1974 László Szabó (chess player)
1975 Heikki Westerinen
1976 Oleg Romanishin
1977 Jan Smejkal
1978 Ulf Andersson
1979 Tamaz Giorgadze
1980 Raymond Keene
1981 Gennady Kuzmin
1982 Vlastimil Hort
1983 Mihai Suba
1984 Yehuda Gruenfeld
1985 Yuri Razuvayev
1986 Zoltán Ribli
1987 Yuri Balashov
1988 Smbat Lputian
1989 Efim Geller
1990 Alexander Chernin
1991 Igor Stohl
1992 Garry Kasparov
1993 Anatoly Karpov
1994 Jeroen Piket
1995 Vladimir Kramnik
1996 Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand
1997 Vladimir Kramnik
1998 Vladimir Kramnik Michael Adams and Peter Svidler
1999 Péter Lékó
2000 Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand
2001 Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov
2002 Péter Lékó
2003 Viktor Bologan
2004 Viswanathan Anand
2005 Arkadij Naiditsch
2006 Vladimir Kramnik and Peter Svidler
2007 Vladimir Kramnik
2008 Péter Lékó
2009 Vladimir Kramnik
2010 Ruslan Ponomariov
2011 Vladimir Kramnik
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