Dortmund participants and pairings announced

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Dortmund 2009Hot news from Germany: the participants and full pairings of Dortmund 2011. We just received a press release which announced the 39th Sparkassen Chess Meeting. From 21 to 31 July Vladimir Kramnik, Ruslan Ponomariov, Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Le Quang Liem and Georg Meier will play in Dortmund.

The 39th edition of the Dortmund chess festival takes place July 21-31 in the city theater of Dortmund, Germany. With Kramnik (2785, Russia), Ponomariov (2743, Ukraine), Nakamura (2774, USA), Giri (2690, Netherlands), Le Quang Liem (2689, Vietnam) and Meier (2669, Germany), at the moment the tournament boasts of an average rating of 2725. The tournament keeps the format of recent years: a 6-player, double round-robin.

For the second time Dortmund uses the Sofia rule. This is stated in the press release (without calling it the Sofia rule):

Draw ban: In this year 's edition the grandmasters are not allowed to offer a draw during the game. The game will be declared a draw when a win for either side is not possible anymore, or in case of a three-fold repetition.

Traditionally the drawing of lots for the Dortmund tournament always takes place months in advance. It was done this afternoon, and so the players can already start preparing concretely:

Dortmund 2011 | Schedule & pairings

Round 1 21.07.11 15:00 CET Round 6 27.07.11 15:00 CET
Meier - Le Quang Liem Le Quang Liem - Meier
Kramnik - Ponomariov Ponomariov - Kramnik
Giri - Nakamura Nakamura - Giri
Round 2 22.07.11 15:00 CET Round 7 28.07.11 15:00 CET
Le Quang Liem - Nakamura Nakamura - Le Quang Liem
Ponomariov - Giri Giri - Ponomariov
Meier - Kramnik Kramnik - Meier
Round 3 23.07.11 15:00 CET Round 8 29.07.11 15:00 CET
Kramnik - Le Quang Liem Le Quang Liem - Kramnik
Giri - Meier Meier - Giri
Nakamura - Ponomariov Ponomariov - Nakamura
Round 4 24.07.11 15:00 CET Round 9 30.07.11 15:00 CET
Giri - Le Quang Liem Ponomariov - Le Quang Liem
Nakamura - Kramnik Nakamura - Meier
Ponomariov - Meier Giri - Kramnik
Round 5 25.07.11 15:00 CET Round 10 31.07.11 13:00 CET
Le Quang Liem - Ponomariov Le Quang Liem - Giri
Meier - Nakamura Kramnik - Nakamura
Kramnik - Giri Meier - Ponomariov


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