Dresden Olympiad - Round 2

Dresden Olympiad - Round 2

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Oh the delicious irony...after FIDE had insisted that all players should turn up exactly on time for their games or be defaulted, the second round was delayed by an hour due to errors by the organisers.  If you made that story up, no-one would believe you. Laughing

Anyway, once play finally got underway the defending champions Armenia overcame their Moldovan opponents 3-1 thanks to wins by Sargassian and Petrosian on boards 3 and 4 respectively.  On paper, the Armenian team has been weakened by the sad death of Karen Asrian, but his countrymen are clearly determined to fight hard to defend their title.

China also overcame Belarus by the same score, helped by Ni Hua redeeming himself with a victory after losing to Wesley So in round 1.  Another country tipped to do well are Azerbaijan and they overcame Slovakia 3-1 thanks to wins from Mamedyarov and Gashimov.

The match between Ukraine and Serbia has been decided, although Karjakin is still playing on board 2.  Wins from Ivanchuk (pictured) on board 1 and Eljanov on board 3 combined with a board 4 draw have ensured victory.

Russia's ploy to play their top rated player, Morozevich on board 3 didn't pay off today as it did in round 1.  However, despite Kramnik, Grischuk and Morozevich all being held to draws, Russia still managed to win 2.5-1.5 against Poland thanks to a vital victory on board 4 by Jakovenko.

The US team were held to a draw by Greece, despite Nakamura playing today after being rested for round 1.  Kamsky and Nakamura drew on the top boards, Onischuk won on board 3, but Akobian lost on board 4.  Tough match!

The English team will be pleased with their 3-1 victory against Denmark today, thanks to wins by Nigel Short and David Howell on boards 2 and 3.

Many games are still ongoing thanks to the delayed start, so check out the live games at the official site to see how YOUR country is getting on!


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