Duda Debuts In PRO Chess Battle Royale This Week
Duda and Saleh test their fortunes in PRO Chess League Battle Royales.

Duda Debuts In PRO Chess Battle Royale This Week

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The PRO Chess League has always been known for its innovative formats. This Tuesday and Friday, we debut our first new format of 2019: Battle Royales!

Diving into the action this week will be two PRO Chess League stars making their 2019 debuts, Jan-Krzysztof Duda (Cannes Blitzstreams) and Salem Saleh (Montreal Chessbrahs).

Just learning about the PRO Chess League? Visit the site and check out the official information article.

First Battle Royale

The PRO Chess League Battle Royales add some new wrinkles to the Super Saturday and Super Sunday formats from 2018.

Once again, the format will be a round robin. The round robins are constructed by creating four groups of eight teams and pairing all board ones against each other, all board twos against each other, and so forth. The time control will be 10/2, slightly faster than the 15/2 time control at which the PRO Chess League is normally played.

Teams will receive seasonal points for their score in the round robin, plus points based on their standing at the end of the day as follows.

PRO Chess League 2019, Battle Royale

For example, if a team scores 18.5/28 points, and finishes in first place, it would get 42.5 points in the standings (18.5 points + 24 points bonus for first place). Meanwhile, if a team gets 10/28 and finishes in eighth place, it would get just 10 points total.

That's a lot of points on the table so the three 2019 Battle Royales can really have an impact on the seasonal standings!

PRO Chess League 2019, Battle Royales Battle Royales #1 and #2 are at 1:30 and 6:00 p.m. PT 1/29 respectively. Battle Royales #3 and #4 are at 6:00 am and 9:40 am PT 1/2. See

Duda Debuts for the Cannes Blitzstreams

GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda has been playing the Tata Steel chess tournament for the past several weeks. This week he makes his debut in the PRO Chess League for the Cannes Blitzstreams. The Blitzstreams won their match last week, but they have been struggling, and are in the bottom half of their division. They are surely hoping for Duda to reverse their fortunes in a big way this week!

Duda made a big splash and many fans with his performance in the Speed Chess Championship where he defeated Sergey Karjakin and Alexander Grischuk and the World Blitz Championship where he finished second behind Magnus Carlsen.

Duda's rapid skills are less established, but if they prove to be on par with his blitz prowess, he will likely soon be one of the league leaders.

PRO Chess League 2019, Jan-Krzystzof Duda

Chessbrahs Add Salem Saleh

The Montreal Chessbrahs lead the PRO Chess League after their thrilling victory over the saint Louis Arch Bishops, but they aren't taking their foot off the gas.

The Chessbrahs have added Salem Saleh to keep their roster at full strength while GM Saric plays in the Gibraltar Chess Festival.

Saleh (@ArabicFalcon) has been a staple in the blitz chess pool on He has now also started his own Twitch channel and joined the streamers program, playing in last week's Arena Kings. Be sure to check out his channel and give him a follow!

Watch Arena Kings tournament from Salem_AR on

Watch all the PRO Chess League action on,, and

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