Duda Strongest Rising Star At Lake Sevan

Duda Strongest Rising Star At Lake Sevan

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In a group of young, talented players it was GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda who proved the strongest. 6.0/9 was enough for the 17-year-old Polish grandmaster to finish in clear first place at the Lake Sevan tournament in Martuni, Armenia.

He was the third-seeded player (behind Vladislav Artemiev and Santosh Vidit) and also the third-youngest (behind Sam Sevian and Artemiev), but topped the final standings: Jan-Krzysztof Duda. In a hard-fought event, where only 17 out of 45 games ended in draws, 6.0/9 was good for clear first.

After three rounds Duda was in shared third place as he had just lost his game with Ter Sahakyan. That would be his last loss.

The Polish GM beat one of the leaders, Santosh Vidit of India, with the black pieces in round four. It was an amazing fight with so many things happening in the endgame; it was incredible. It was a really interesting game that's very suitable for a training session.

Duda won an amazing endgame in round four. | Photo official website.

That wasn't the last disappointment for Vidit. In the next round he was lured into a theoretical discussion in the 3.Nd2 French by Sam Sevian. The Indian's preparation was more than excellent, but it looks like he couldn't exactly remember everything — a common phenomenon!

It looks like Sevian escaped in that 3.Nd2 French. | Photo official website.

And what happened to Vidit in the next round can hardly be described. He reached a very promising position in an Anti-Moscow, only to spoil it in one move: a move that allowed mate in one!

Allowing mate in one is of course very rare for a grandmaster. It brings back memories of Deep Fritz vs. Kramnik, Bonn 2006 or Short-Chiburdanidze, Banja Luka 1985. Chess24 gave these and two similar examples in a nice article here.

Poor Vidit can be compared to Kramnik for the wrong reason! | Photo official website.

Duda drew his first game in round five, and would share the point three more times. He added one win, against Salem Saleh, who would eventually finish last. With two rooks vs a queen, one would expect White to be better, but Duda simply played better moves:

Duda receives his first prize of U.S. $4,000 at the closing ceremony. | Photo official website.

The international Lake Sevan tournament was organized for the seventh time by the Chess Academy of Armenia under the auspices of the Armenian Chess Federation. It took place July 11-21 at the Culture Palace in Martuni, Armenia.

2015 Lake Sevan | Final Standings

# Name Rtg Perf Pts SB Born
1 Duda,J 2632 2736 6.0/9 26 April 1998
2 Anton,D 2626 2695 5.5/9 23 June 1995
3 Vidit,S 2643 2653 5.0/9 22.75 24 October 1994
4 Ter Sahakyan,S 2593 2659 5.0/9 21.50 19 September 1993
5 Artemiev,V 2660 2652 5.0/9 20.75 5 March 1998
6 Hovhannisyan,R 2611 2618 4.5/9 18.75 23 March 1991
7 Gabuzyan,H 2589 2620 4.5/9 18.50 19 May 1995
8 Petrosian,TL 2630 2578 4.0/9 17 September 1984
9 Sevian,Samuel 2578 2502 3.0/9 26 December 2000
10 Salem,AR 2615 2453 2.5/9 4 January 1993

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