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Last Monday in cultural centre D'n Bogerd in Druten, The Netherlands a big exhibition on Dutch chess art has started. Sunday, March 11 is the official opening by author and former politician Jan Terlouw. Besides many pieces of art, also very special chess sets and curiosa can be enjoyed in Druten, for example the oldest chess clock in the world. Many activities will surround the opening of the exhibition.


Google Map: Druten, The Netherlands

The combination of chess and art is known for centuries. No sport, not even soccer, has inspired as many artists as chess has. Many hundreds of years ago drawings, paintings and the most artistic sculptures and chess sets have been made and always and everywhere numerous professional artists as well as amauteurs have given shape to the game of chess in an artistic way. Also contemporarty artists manage to use the very old theme for something very topical. For example, a chess set will be showed, consisting of 32 small bronze pieces, by artist Alie Kalverda, that's inspired on the war in Iraq and the fight against terrorism.

'Game of Religions' (Alie Kalverda)

The company Schaakkunst ('Chess Art') of Margreet Wevers and Geert van Tongeren so far received reactions from countries such as Germany, Belgium and Great Britain, but als from the United States and Mexico. Margreet Wevers: ?¢‚Ǩ?ìI don't expect all these people to come all the way to Druten but of course it's something special when there's so much attention from abroad for this exhibition. A few years ago we started with two artists en some work of our own. This year thirteen artist have confirmed their cooperation. It's striking that so many female artists were inspired by this theme.?جø¬??

'King and Queen' (Ivon Drummen)

The exhibition runs from March 5 till April 29. The official opening will take place Sunday 11 Maart 2007 at 13.30 CET. Jan Terlouw, former Royal commissioner and author, will give an opening speech.

Chess clock from 1883 by Fattorini

Participating artists:

Aad van den Bosch, Anna Kool-Troost, Arif Telaku, Berry, Boldriaan, Henryette Weijmar Schultz, Henk Boon, Iris Slock, Ivon Drummen, Jan Langendam, Karin Miedema en Ket.

'The Watching Eye' (Boldriaan)
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