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Earth Lovers


Hello, everyone! 

We currently have 70 members in our club. I want to thank everyone who's in this club because we're one step closer to stopping global warming - wait. But what's the point of this club? Good question. The point of this club is to spread word about global warming. The more people who know about it the more likely we are to stop it. If you don't know what global warming is, then you can read the article that I made, What is Global Warming? so that you know what global warming is. 

Now, if you're at this paragraph, you should know what global warming is. Okay. Good. Let's continue. 

But even if we know about it we have to DO SOMETHING about it. Everyone knowing about global warming is a step. Everyone knowing how to stop global warming is another step. Everyone STOPPING global warming is another step altogether!

So, how can we reverse global warming and change it to global cooling. It is unrealistic to do this because there is so much greenhouse gases on earth. We can stop it, though. And maybe we can reverse it. However, reversing it will be hard to do.

First, though. Let's focus on how to stop global warming. We need to cut down our carbon emissions now if we want to have any hope to stopping it. But how do you do that? Here is a list that you can follow if you want to cut down your carbon emissions:

  • Ride a bicycle instead of driving a car

  • Buy electric or hybrid electric vehicles such as the Toyota Prius or the Tesla which don't emit as much Co2 - I'm totally advertising here

  • Drive a bus instead of driving a car. This one might sound like it doesn't help as much. However, it does. Let's say 3 friends by the name of... I'm just going to make this up... Billy, Bob, and Joe, work at the grocery store. They both have their own separate cars. If they all drive in separate cars, then they're emitting 3 times the regular amount of Co2 since they're driving three different cars. However, let's say Joe has a big enough car to carpool with Billy, and Bob. Maybe he drives to their houses and picks them up and then brings them to the grocery store. Then they're emitting way less Co2. But let's say that Fiona lives nearby and also works at the grocery store, but Joe can't pick her up since his car isn't big enough. Then, what would happen is that to emit less Co2, the 4 friends would have to ride on something big enough to hold all of them, such as a bus. Some buses are electric, too. So if the four all ride on an electric bus, then they would get to the grocery store and emit the least Co2 possible. So here's the order: Bus > Carpool > Car. If you can take the bus or carpool more often, then you would be reducing your Co2 emissions

  • Also, you can support places that sell good for the environment products or donate to help the earth by buying their products or donating to them.

This is if you want to STOP global warming. However, if you want to take one step further and REVERSE global warming, then there is one way to do this: Trees. What? Trees? What do tree have to do with this?

Trees have everything to do with this. Tree breath in Co2 and breath out oxygen, the air we breath. If we can plant trees or other plants, then we can reduce the Co2 in the air, as well as creating a nice habitat for the wildlife around you. However, if you plant trees or plants, don't plant invasive species. Invasive species are types of animals or plants that are supposed to live in a different part of the world but were brought to a region by humans. The invasive specie might - if it's an animal - eat other animals that live in this new place or eat all the plants. If the invasive specie is a plant, then it might start growing, taking up room which other plants could grow. Then, those other plants won't grow as much, and then animals can't eat those plants. 

In conclusion, if you want to reverse global warming, then make sure not to invasive species.

But how do we get others to know this, like maybe other people who aren't in this club? You could invite them to the club. you could also spread the word. But how? Well, you can put this on your profile:

Please read this next note about global warming. It might save the world. Global warming is when greenhouse gases warm up the earth, thus the name: Global warming. This might not seem very important and boring. But it isn't important and it isn't boring. And here's why: The earth warming is causing the artic ice to melt. This is causing the sea levels to rise. Do you know how much ice there is on earth? Think of Russia. Tons. Of. Snow. Think of Antarctica. Even. More. Snow. Think of the North Pole. More ice! The world is covered with more ice than we think there is. And all of that ice is going to melt due to global warming.





Unless we stop global warming. But what's so bad about ice melting? The ice melting is causing the sea levels to rise. But more water means more rain. And more rain means... still not getting my drift? More hurricanes. Or rather: more humancanes. Why am I calling this a humancane? Good question. Because we are causing global warming. We drive cars that emit Co2, a greenhouse gas that can warm up the earth.

Now, if you're an animal lover like myself, global warming might be more dismaying. Because hurricanes can kill animals, such as dogs, and cats, and... and... other animals. Also, the artic ice melting is very back for animals that are used to the ice and snow. Such as wolves. And artic foxes. And polar bears. And penguins. And they are dying because of global warming. But animals such as crocodiles who live in the tropics are still effected. If the earth keeps warming up, well then it's going to be hot for everyone. Eventually, the earth will become unlivable.


Yes, you read right. Unlivable. And we have to stop this. Now. But another thing is causing global warming. Yes, another thing. Deforestation. Trees breath in greenhouse gases. And if we're cutting down trees, there's no one that can breath in all that greenhouse gas.

If you are worried about global warming and want to spread the word so that other know about this, then you can copy and paste this and put it on your profile. Also, you can click the earth emoji, which brings you to a club with others who put this on their profile. 🌎  If you don't want to put something on your profile, then there is another club you can join that it just about the environment. Click here to join my the club about the earth and play chess tournaments.

Thank you everyone for reading this. Together, we can do this. Together, we can drive less cars. Together, we can plant more trees. Together, we can stop global warming. 





The club accessible by pressing the earth emoji isn't this club. However, the club that you can play chess tournaments on is... this club! You're in it! Yay! You can put this on your profile to help spread the word about global warming. happy.png 

Thank you for reading, Save our Beautiful Planet members. Save the earth!! 

🌎 (This earth is what I'm going to put after every news and forum that I create. I think it resembles the club since it's a (duh) earth). 

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