Earth Versus The Astronaut

Earth Versus The Astronaut

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Chess playing astronaut Greg Chamitoff, buoyed by his success in his game against ground control will now be taking on a much greater challenge - playing everyone on Earth!

The Earth team will be led by the Stevenson Elementary School Chess Club from Bellevue, Washington, the winners of the US National Championship for Kindergarten through Third Grade.  They will pick up to four possible moves and the Earth team will vote for the one they want to play.

Who is in the Earth team?  Well why not YOU? Anyone can take part!  The match is being facilitated by the United States Chess Federation at their website.

The game is slated to start on Monday 29th September and will proceed at around one move per day, provided Greg's workload permits him enough time.  It's a shame he can't give up working and just play chess - I guess we all feel like that sometimes! Laughing

Of course, Greg is not the first person the play a match against the whole planet.  The great Garry Kasparov played a game against 'The World' on the internet back in 1999.  Greg is no Garry, but it should be an interesting game!

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