Easter opens in Canberra, Deizisau, Philly (and Victoria)

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During the Easter weekend a number of traditional open tournaments were held on different continents. Adam Horvath edged out Gergely-Andras Szabo, Levente Vajda and K. Rathnakaran on tiebreak at the Doeberl Cup in Canberra (Australia), Andrei Istratescu was the strongest at the Neckar Open in Deizisau (Germany) and Magesh Panchanathan won in Philadelphia (USA). Hikaru Nakamura played chess as well.

Doeberl Cup

The Doeberl Cup was held April 4-9 at the Olympus Room of the Hellenic Club of Canberra, Australia. To celebrate the 50th anniversary a impressive book about half a century of Doeberl Cups was presented during the tournament.

As always the schedule was tough: a 9-rounder with on the first four days two games a day and one on the last day. The time control was 40 moves in 90 minutes plus 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds per move from move 1. Besides the Premier tournament there were smaller events for lower rating groups.

Shaun Press blogged on a daily basis about the tournament. About the finish he wrote:

The 2012 O2C Doeberl Cup ended in a 4 way tie for first place, after Indian IM K Rathnakaran defeated countryman IM P Karthikeyan in a dramatic last round game. Once the result of that game was known, GM's Adam Horvath and Gergely Szabo immediately shook hands to ensure a share of first place. On board 3 GM Levente Vajda then ground out a win against GM Deep Sengupta to become the fourth player on 7/9. Not only did the win for Rathnakaran leave him in first place, but he also scored a GM norm, and picked up a bonus $1000 as the sole recipient of the tournaments fighting fund. However the ultimate destination of the Doeberl Cup trophy was GM Adam Horvath who had the best tie-break of the 4 players.

GM Ian Rogers mentioned to us that Karthikeyan was the star of the event. He beat 4 GMs in 5 rounds, but lost the last from a great position. This cost him $4,500, the Cup and a GM norm. He needed only a draw...

Doeberl Cup 2012 | Final Standings (top 40)

17.05GMHorvath Adam24872614 54.049.538.0
27.04GMSzabo Gergely-Andras25532583
37.01GMVajda Levente25972626 50.547.037.0
47.013IMRathnakaran K.24102605 50.546.537.0
56.511IMKarthikeyan P.24142564 53.049.536.5
66.09GMRodriguez Cepedes Am24402511 51.548.034.5
76.015IMSolomon Stephen J.23752446
86.018IMYang Kaiqi23602472 47.544.033.5
96.017IMLane Gary W.23682430
106.010IMZeng Chongsheng24352445 46.042.531.0
116.06GMCzebe Attila24772382
126.012IMAkshat Khamparia24112437 44.541.031.0
136.019IMMorris James23542297 42.038.528.5
146.014IMLy Moulthun24022287 40.036.526.0
155.52GMSengupta Deep25722474 54.550.033.0
165.57IMXie George Wendi24562367 50.545.531.0
175.524FMChan Yi Ren Daniel23422321 45.542.028.0
185.58GMJohansen Darryl K.24442335 44.540.529.5
195.520FMIllingworth Max23522321 44.040.530.5
205.540--Li Zuhao Luke21702357 44.040.527.0
215.528IMSandler Leonid22842190 41.538.525.5
225.530FMWallis Christopher22652196 37.535.526.5
235.022FMCheng Bobby23442388 48.045.529.5
245.026FMBjelobrk Igor23262283 44.541.028.0
255.016FMIkeda Junta23732236 43.539.526.5
265.033IMBrown Andrew22212210 41.538.027.0
275.035--Bird Andrew22012281 40.538.525.5
285.045--Stevens Tristan21342360 40.538.524.5
295.025FMDragicevic Domagoj23282152 40.537.023.5
305.037--Wright Neil21832175
315.029WIMCaoili Arianne22692107 39.536.024.0
325.036--Schon Eugene21972025
334.549--Liu Yi21162357 50.546.026.0
344.532--Bai Jinshi22312275 44.542.527.5
354.568--Yu Sally19602220 44.039.522.0
364.527FMStojic Dusan22962207 43.541.025.0
374.542--Gorka Carl21492168 42.038.523.0
384.561--Stojic Svetozar20112253
394.534--Bliznyuk Andrey22052153 41.539.524.0
404.564--Cameron Alistair19882206 41.538.022.0

During the tournament GM Ian Rogers gave commentary during every round, and this was captured in the following videos produed by Macauley Peterson. Below you'll find some games in the game viewer.

Selection of games

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Neckar Open

The Neckar Open was held April 5-9 as well, at the Public Hall and the Gymnasium of Deizisau (Stuttgart Region), Germany. And like in Canberra, the players had to play two games a day, but in Deizisau they started with one game on Friday and ended with two on Monday. The rate of play was the more classical 2 hours for 40 moves plus 30 minutes finish the game, so no increment. The tournament was devided into three rating groups (>1800, <2000 and <1400).

Andrei Istratescu became the winner of the 16th edition of the largest chess tournament in Germany. The Frenchman finished on 7.5/9, like Konstantine Shanava but he had a higher Bucholz score. Third came Etienne Bacrot, who had the best tiebreak of thirteen players who scored 7/9.

GM Andrei Istratescu | Photo: Georgios Souleidis

Neckar Open 2012 | Final Standings (top 40)

1.GMIstratescu,Andrei2633M FRA6307.553.5
2.GMShanava,Konstantine2586M GEO6307.553.5
3.GMBacrot,Etienne2715MOSG Baden-BadenFRA6217.056.5
4.GMPetr,Martin2522MTSV Bindlach Aktionär-SchachabteCZE5407.055.5
5.GMEdouard,Romain2607MSAbt SV Werder BremenFRA5407.055.0
6.GMMilanovic,Danilo2520M SRB6217.054.5
7.GMErdös,Viktor2631MSG TrierHUN5407.054.5
8.GMRapport,Richard2559MSAbt SV Werder BremenHUN6217.054.5
9.GMBischoff,Klaus2521MChess Tigers Schach-FördervereinGER5407.053.5
10.GMBaklan,Vladimir2612MSchachgemeinschaft Porz e.V.UKR5407.052.0
11.GMSolodovnichenko,Yuri2630MSchachfreunde Gerresheim 86 e.V.UKR5407.050.0
12.GMNaiditsch,Arkadij2718MOSG Baden-BadenGER6217.050.0
13.GMShishkin,Vadim2498MSchachclub WiedenbrückUKR6217.050.0
14.GMSanikidze,Tornike2597MSG TrierGEO6217.048.5
15.IMLindberg,Bengt2418M SWE5407.047.5
16.IMStrunski,Andreas2328MStuttgarter SF 1879GER5316.552.5
17.IMBok,Benjamin2504MSC 1950 RemagenNED6126.552.0
18. Jaeschke,Benno2224MSK 1947 Sandhausen e.V.GER5316.551.5
19.IMPhilippe,Christophe2416MSV Saarbrücken 1970 e.V.FRA5316.551.0
20.GMBaramidze,David2618MSV HockenheimGER5316.551.0
21.IMHeimann,Andreas2480MOSG Baden-BadenGER5316.550.0
22.IMBurg,Twan2467MSchachklub Turm Emsdetten e.V.NED5316.549.5
23.GMFarago,Ivan2500MSC RottalHUN5316.548.5
24.GMMaiwald,Jens-Uwe2462MUSV TU DresdenGER5316.548.0
25.IMMoser,Eva2460WOSG Baden-BadenAUT5316.548.0
26.IMMoor,Olivier2378M SUI5316.547.5
27.FMLötscher,Roland2368MSC Garching 1980 e.V.SUI6126.546.0
28.IMThinius,Marco2363MSfrd. Berlin 1903 e.V.GER5316.545.0
29.IMGschnitzer,Oswald,Dr.2481MSG Heidelberg-KirchheimGER5316.545.0
30.FMTrella,Thomas2410MSchachverein Dinslaken 1923 e.V.GER4506.544.5
31.GMWirig,Anthony2483MSV Saarbrücken 1970 e.V.FRA4506.544.5
32. Lubbe,Nikolas2429MHagener SVGER6126.543.0
33.IMReich,Thomas2388MFC Bayern München e.V.GER5316.542.0
34.IMSchneider,Ilja2480MSfrd. Berlin 1903 e.V.GER6126.540.0
35.GMPerunovic,Milos2582M SRB5226.054.0
36.IMRau,Hannes2464MSV HockenheimGER6036.054.0
37.FMBlübaum,Matthias2407MSchachclub Hansa Dortmund e.V.GER5226.052.0
38.FMSipila,Vilka2364M FIN5226.052.0
39.IMKurmann,Oliver2480MSC Böblingen 1975 e.V.SUI5226.051.5
40.IMNeuman,Petr2468MTSV Bindlach Aktionär-SchachabteCZE4416.050.5

Selection of games

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Philadelphia Open

The Philadelphia Open was held April 4-8 at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). Besides an open groups there were also sections for under 2200, under 2000, under 1800, under 1600, under 1400, under 1200 and even under 1000, as well as several side events. The time control was 40 moves in 90 minutes plus 30 minutes to finish the game, with 30 seconds per move from move 1.

GM Magesh Panchanathan finished atop the standings in the open with 7/9. This was a surprising result as Panchanathan beat GM Tamaz Gelashvili in the final round from what seemed to be a worse position around the time control. The Indian thus secured victory after the other GMs that were tied with him going into the round all drew. There was a logjam of GMs just a half-point behind the leader.

Magesh Panchanathan | Photo: Chris Bird

Philadelphia Open 2012 | Final Standings (top 40)

#NameRatingStateRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9TotPrize
1GM Magesh Panchanathan2557INDW47D42W22W17D4L2W19W16W107.0$5483.00
2GM Varuzhan Akobian2621CAW37D17D15W36W14W1D3D4D56.5$1044.43
3GM Sergey Erenburg2616ISRW31W18D7W6H—W13D2D5D46.5$1044.43
4GM Jon Ludvig Hammer2606NORW38W26W62D12D1D7W9D2D36.5$1044.43
5GM Sam Shankland2580CAW45D20W27W15W11D12D7D3D26.5$1044.43
6GM Alexander Stripunsky2566NJW46W53W14L3D16D19W25D10W136.5$1044.43
7GM Axel Bachmann2556PARW48W23D3D16W63D4D5D12W146.5$1044.43
8GM Mikheil Kekelidze2473GEOD67D34W44H—H—W64D13W11W126.5$1044.43
9IM Daniel Naroditsky2479CAD34W67D63W64D19W24L4D18W266.0$305.00
10GM Tamaz Gelashvili2619GEOW30D63W20L13W18D25W26D6L15.5$76.25
11GM Giorgi Kacheishvili2612GEOW44W19D13W25L5L16W53L8W285.5$76.25
12GM Gregory Kaidanov2598KYW39W21W24D4D13D5D16D7L85.5$76.25
13GM Alexander Shabalov2523PAW77W43D11W10D12L3D8W17L65.5$76.25
14IM Greg Shahade2475PAW66W57L6W31L2D53W23W38L75.5$76.25
15IM Rafael Prasca Sosa2475VENW49W64D2L5D53W48D38D26D195.5$76.25
16GM Dmitry Gurevich2466ILD69W50W33D7D6W11D12L1D215.5$76.25
17IM Irina Krush2461NYW56D2W69L1D48D32W55L13W385.5$76.25
18IM Justin Sarkar2391NYW58L3D46W34L10W33W40D9D225.5$380.84
19FM Teddy Coleman2356NYW80L11W55W56D9D6L1W32D155.5$380.84
20IM Ronald Burnett2352TNW59D5L10W66D62L38D37W33W395.5$380.84
21IM Rusudan Goletiani2344NYW73L12L40W77L38W56W65W30D165.5$380.84
22FM Seth Homa2306MID76W41L1D67L32W68W46W31D185.5$380.84
23Erik Santarius2292WIW72L7D66D50D45W47L14W40W375.5$380.84
24IM Leonid Gerzhoy2489CANW40W28L12W54D26L9D31W48U—5.0 
25IM Nikoloz Managadze2475GEOD50W68W42L11W27D10L6L28W455.0 
26IM Rulsan Kashtanov2361RUSW52L4W39W40D24W62L10D15L95.0 
27IM Mauricio Arias Santana2335CRCD41W75L5W46L25D65D44W55D345.0 
28John Rouleau2290MDW71L24L34L32W73W70W67W25L115.0 
29WGM Katerina Nemcova2275CZEW60L62L56W68D47L40D52W51W485.0 
30WGM Nadya Ortiz2255COLL10L66W80W57L33W51W69L21W495.0 
31Deepak Aaron2234NYL3W58W72L14W67D35D24L22W475.0 
32Kevin Mo2180PAL62W78L36W28W22D17D35L19W425.0 
33David A Hua2154NJH—W76L16D42W30L18W64L20W435.0 
34Atulya A Shetty2148MID9D8W28L18D54L37W56W65D275.0 
35IM Dean Ippolito2452NJL57W79L38W70W69D31D32D37U—4.5 
36IM Jay Richard Bonin2313NYH—H—W32L2D40D44D39D45D414.5 
37FM Eugene Yanayt2245CAL2L56D73W75W58W34D20D35L234.5 
38Luke Harmon-Vellotti2212IDL4W52W35L63W21W20D15L14L174.5 
39Justus D Williams2197NYL12W80L26L51W74W57D36W54L204.5 
40Sean Vibbert2180INL24W61W21L26D36W29L18L23W544.5 

Selection of games

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Grand Pacific Open

Another open tournament, held over Easter weekend, was the Grand Pacific Open in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The reason we mention it is the participation of none less than super GM Hikaru Nakamura. The American scored 6/6 in a (for him) very weak field and collected 4,8 rating points. On March 7th, Nakamura tweeted:

After seeing people picking up rating points off of beating weaker players, I am convinced chess ratings should be weighted like in tennis.

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