ECC R2: Yerevan beats Moscow

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ecc09Already in the second round of the European Club Cup two top teams met: Mika Yerevan (Aronian, Akopian, Sargissian, Pashikian, Andriasian and Petrosian) and ShSM-64 Moscow (Gelfand, Karjakin, Caruana, Najer, Nepomniachtchi and Grachev). Sargissian's win against Caruana decided the match in Yerevan's favour.

The 25th European Club Cup (57 teams) and the 14th European Club Cup for Women (14 teams) take place October 3-11 in Ohrid, Macedonia, about 190 km south of the capital Skopje. The time control is 90 min. for 40 moves + 30 min. & 30 sec. increment. The winning open team receives € 11,000; the best women team € 3,750. The best individual player gets € 700; the best female player € 250.

Round 2

In the second round, the Olympic medal winners playing under the name of Mika Yerevan took a first hurdle in their quest to win the European Club Cup as well: Aronian & co beat ShSM-64 Moscow 3½:2½ with five draws and Sargissian beating Caruana in a short game. The Italian tried the Benkö/Volga Gambit but missed an early tactical shot and soon got mated.

In general all other strong teams won their matches easily. Some upsets of this round: FM Twan Burg (2449) beat GM Ni Hua (2692), FM Felix Klein defeated GM Alexey Dreev (2659), FM Henrik Rudolf (2353) beat GM Boris Avrukh (2668) and IM Salvia Brenjo (2495) defeated GM Sergei Tiviakov (2670).

The Women section has been exciting from the start. After defending champs Monte Carlo tied their first match, in round 2 the Russian teams Economist-SGSEU Saratov and Spartak Vidnoe did the same on the top boards.

ECC 2009 (Open) Round 2 Standings
ECC 2009
ECC 2009 (Women) Round 2 Standings
ECC 2009

All results round 2

Selection of games round 2

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The beautiful view over Lake Ohrid, which straddles the mountainous border between the southwestern Republic of Macedonia and eastern Albania


The view over the playing hall


Tomsk-400: Motylev, Tiviakov, Bologan, Timofeev, Inarkiev and Amonatov


ShSM-64 Moscow with Gelfand, Karjakin, Caruana, Najer, Nepomniachtchi and Grachev


Alkaloid (Mamedyarov, Kamsky, Volokitin, Guseinov, Mamedov and Nedev) vs Werder Bremen (Fressinet, Nyback, Hracek, Babula, Fish and Meins)


Ural Svedrdlovskaya: Grischuk, Shirov, Malakhov, Rublevsky, Dreev and Bareev


Peter Svidler, board 1 for SPbChFed Sankt-Peterburg...


...and his former Experience Team member Alexander Beliavsky, board 4 for PVK - Kievchess

Photos courtesy of the official website


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