ECU wins CAS court case, but TCF considers appeal

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The European Chess Union (ECU) won the CAS court case against the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) regarding the bidding procedure for the European Youth Championship and the European Senior Team Championship of 2013. This was communicated today by the European Chess Union, and in a reaction to the result, TCF President Ali Nihat Yazici announced that an appeal is being considered.

On Friday we received the following press release from the European Chess Union:


Friday, 23 March 2012 - In October 2011, the Turkish Chess Federation filed an Appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the decision of the ECU concerning the award of competitions during the bidding procedure for 2013. According to the Appeal by the Turkish Chess Federation, the decision to award the European Youth Championship 2013 to the organizer from Budva, Montenegro was illegal. Also, the Appellant believed that they should have been awarded the organization of the European Senior Team Championship 2013 directly.

In the arbitration between the Turkish Chess Federation and the European Chess Union, the CAS and the Panel of three Arbitrators presided by Mr. Robert Reid from England delivered the Arbitral Award on March 22, 2012.

The Appeal filed by the Turkish Chess Federation was dismissed, while the decisions made by the European Chess Union Board were accepted as valid. In addition, according to CAS, ‘the costs of the arbitration... shall be borne by the Appellant’.

Already on the same day, the Turkish Chess Federation reacted with the following press release:

Dear Friends,

We have got the result of CAS Court case yesterday (TCF versus ECU). Turkish Chess Federation criticized the evaluation of the bids for European Youth Chess Championship 2013 and European Senior Team Championship 2013. TCF in particular claimed that the inspector refused to take into consideration the documents provided by TFC in addition to the bid form and made an arbitrary evaluation of the bids. This fact had been accepted by ECU and their witnesses. The panel of CAS first refused to appoint an expert to examine this evaluation and secondly considered that the inspector was authorised to only consider the content of the bid form without the schedules.

After the decision TCF considers that there are practically no ways to have an evaluation of an inspector examined by an independant jurisdiction and is also disappointed of the change due to the new statutes of ECU from civil judge to an arbitration court.

TCF analyses with its lawyer the decision and the opportunity of an appeal.

Very soon we will inform the chess world. We will not give up to find the justice for European Chess!

Best regards,

Ali Nihat YAZICI
President of TCF

It is not the first time that the ECU and the TCF are involved in a legal conflict. In October 2007, the Turkish Chess Federation successfully sued the European Chess Union at the CAS court in Lausanne after the ECU didn't award them the organization of the 2009 European Individual Chess Championship, the 2009 European Club Cup and the 2009 European Youth Championship.

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