Endgame studies for team building

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Last week the second team of the Hamburg Chess Club HSK organized an endgame studies solving contest as a team building activity. The contest consisted of twelve studies composed by Yochanan Afek, and was won by special guest GM Jan Gustafsson. On this Sunday we present you these twelve studies and their solutions.

By IM Merijn van Delft

It's an interesting idea for club teams that want to do a bit more than just play their nine league games a year: to include a player-trainer in their line-up. Usually this is a significantly stronger player defending board one, who combines playing league games with training/analysing with the team. This year the second team of HSK (Hamburg), Germany's oldest and biggest chess club, has included the well-known endgame study composer IM Yochanan Afek in its line-up. The team is relatively young and certainly not one of the Elo favourites of the 2nd Bundesliga Nord, but is currently on a proud second place after seven rounds.

On Saturday, February 5th, we had a nice team building activity: an endgame study solving contest. Often preparation for chess games only consists of opening preparation, but just as important may be to train calculation of variations, to become tactically sharp and to be inspired.

The solving contest consisted of twelve endgame studies that had to be solved in two hours time. The positions were all miniatures (with a maximum of seven pieces) and were all composed by Yochanan over the years. Solutions had to be written down and each completely correct solution was worth five points. Below are the twelve studies. If you're interested in organizing a similar event, you can contact Yochanan Afek here.

1. White to play and draw2. White to play and draw
3. White to play and win4. White to play and win
5. White to play and draw6. White to play and win
7. White to play and draw8. White to play and win
9. White to play and win10. White to play and win
11. White to play and draw12. White to play and draw

The contest was won by special guest GM Jan Gustafsson. A compliment should go to Wolfgang Schellhorn, who had a really tough time solving the positions, but was the only one of his team that won the next day. Hard work and inspiration seem to be the key to success.

Final standings Elo Born Team Points (from 60) Result next day
1. GM Jan Gustafsson 2652 1979 Baden Baden 48
2. IM Merijn van Delft 2387 1979 HSK 2 35 1
3. Frank Bracker 2313 1989 HSK 2 31 1
4. Sven Bakker 2214 1978 HSK 2 29 0
5. Michael Faika 2114 1977 HSK 4 23 0
6. Kevin Högy 2117 1989 HSK 4 22 ½
7. FM Stefan Sievers 2371 1971 HSK 2 21 +
8. Felix Meißner 2223 1992 HSK 2 16 1
9. FM Matthias Bach 2290 1963 HSK 2 15 1
10. Wolfgang Schellhorn 2194 1948 HSK 5 4 1


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Last week's solution

S. Gasparjan 2009

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