European Club Cup 2008

European Club Cup 2008

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Just what will the rest of the world's top chess players be doing when the World Chess Championship between Vladimir Kramnik and Vishy Anand is taking place next month in Germany?

You might think they would take a break and enjoy the match with everyone else, but you'd be wrong.  Many of them will be taking part in one of the strongest team chess events of the year.  The European Club Cup being held in Greece from 16-24 October is a seven round Swiss event featuring a veritable who's who of the best players in the world representing their chosen club teams.

Entries are still being confirmed, but the list of participants already includes...Carlsen (pictured), Morozevich, Ivanchuk, Radjabov, Mamedyarov, Shirov, Svidler, Aronian, Adams, Grischuk, Kamsky, Karjakin, Gelfand and many more.  See the list below of the players rated over 2600 Elo - all 79 of them!

There is a parallel women's event which has a no less impressive line-up which includes the likes of Humpy Koneru, Xie Jun, Hou Yifan, Antoaneta Stefanova, Pia Cramling and Kateryna Lahno.

The men's teams have 6 players; the women's teams 4.

So if watching one game a day is just not enough for you during the Anand-Kramnik match, you could always check out this amazing event.

1 Morozevich Alexander  2788 RUS CC "Bosna" Sarajevo
2 Ivanchuk Vassily  2781 UKR TPS Saransk
3 Carlsen Magnus  2775 NOR MIKA Chess Club
4 Radjabov Teimour  2744 AZE URAL Sverdlovskaya
5 Mamedyarov Shakhriyar  2742 AZE Alkaloid
6 Shirov Alexei  2741 ESP URAL Sverdlovskaya
7 Svidler Peter  2738 RUS OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
8 Aronian Levon  2737 ARM MIKA Chess Club
9 Adams Michael  2735 ENG Linex Magic
10 Grischuk Alexander  2728 RUS URAL Sverdlovskaya
11 Karjakin Sergey  2727 UKR PVK Kiev Chess
12 Kamsky Gata  2723 USA URAL Sverdlovskaya
13 Movsesian Sergei  2723 SVK CC "Bosna" Sarajevo
14 Gelfand Boris  2720 ISR MIKA Chess Club
15 Ponomariov Ruslan  2718 UKR Linex Magic
16 Gashimov Vugar  2717 AZE Ashdod Illit Chess Club
17 Eljanov Pavel  2716 UKR Ashdod Illit Chess Club
18 Jakovenko Dmitry  2709 RUS PVK Kiev Chess
19 Alekseev Evgeny  2708 RUS Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
20 Milov Vadim  2705 SUI Alkaloid
21 Ni Hua  2705 CHN Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
22 Wang Yue  2704 CHN Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
23 Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter  2692 ROU OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
24 Bacrot Etienne  2691 FRA OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
25 Malakhov Vladimir  2689 RUS URAL Sverdlovskaya
26 Cheparinov Ivan  2687 BUL Linex Magic
27 Bologan Viktor  2686 MDA CC "Bosna" Sarajevo
28 Sasikiran Krishnan  2684 IND CC Zagreb
29 Vachier-Lagrave Maxime  2681 FRA SV Mühlheim Nord
30 Roiz Michael  2680 ISR Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
31 Inarkiev Ernesto  2675 RUS Alkaloid
32 Motylev Alexander  2674 RUS URAL Sverdlovskaya
33 Akopian Vladimir  2673 ARM Linex Magic
34 Georgiev Kiril  2671 BUL CC Zagreb
35 Volokitin Andrei  2671 UKR TPS Saransk
36 Efimenko Zahar  2670 UKR PVK Kiev Chess
37 Najer Evgeniy  2670 RUS TPS Saransk
38 Onischuk Alexander  2670 USA PVK Kiev Chess
39 Harikrishna P  2668 IND OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
40 Jobava Baadur  2665 GEO MIKA Chess Club
41 Naiditsch Arkadij  2665 GER OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
42 Areshchenko Alexander  2664 UKR PVK Kiev Chess
43 Ivanisevic Ivan  2664 SRB CC "Bosna" Sarajevo
44 Zvjaginsev Vadim  2663 RUS FINEK Gazprombank
45 Postny Evgeny  2661 ISR CC Zagreb
46 Sargissian Gabriel  2660 ARM MIKA Chess Club
47 Tregubov Pavel V  2658 RUS Clichy Echecs 92
48 Dreev Alexey  2657 RUS URAL Sverdlovskaya
49 Avrukh Boris  2656 ISR Ashdod Illit Chess Club
50 Sutovsky Emil  2654 ISR Ashdod Illit Chess Club
51 Timofeev Artyom  2650 RUS CC "Bosna" Sarajevo
52 Vallejo Pons Francisco  2650 ESP OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
53 Tomashevsky Evgeny  2646 RUS Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
54 Van Wely Loek  2644 NED Iretza Gros
55 Zhang Pengxiang  2643 CHN Iretza Gros
56 Krasenkow Michal  2639 POL OSG Baden-Baden e.V.
57 Nyback Tomi  2639 FIN Werder Bremen
58 Fridman Daniel  2637 GER SV Mühlheim Nord
59 Smirin Ilia  2637 ISR Ashdod Illit Chess Club
60 Volkov Sergey  2636 RUS TPS Saransk
61 Predojevic Borki  2634 BIH CC "Bosna" Sarajevo
62 Sakaev Konstantin  2634 RUS TPS Saransk
63 Moiseenko Alexander  2632 UKR Ashdod Illit Chess Club
64 Baklan Vladimir  2630 UKR PVK Kiev Chess
65 Caruana Fabiano  2630 ITA Linex Magic
66 Potkin Vladimir  2629 RUS SV Mühlheim Nord
67 Socko Bartosz  2628 POL SK Advisory Invest Baden
68 Hracek Zbynek  2625 CZE 1. Novoborsky SK
69 Balogh Csaba  2624 HUN SK Advisory Invest Baden
70 Petrosian Tigran L  2624 ARM MIKA Chess Club
71 Kobalia Mikhail  2618 RUS TPS Saransk
72 Vitiugov Nikita  2616 RUS FINEK Gazprombank
73 Galkin Alexander  2615 RUS Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
74 Landa Konstantin  2615 RUS SV Mühlheim Nord
75 Kritz Leonid  2610 GER Werder Bremen
76 Beliavsky Alexander G  2606 SLO PVK Kiev Chess
77 Macieja Bartlomiej  2606 POL Circolo Scacchi R.Fischer Chieti
78 Rodshtein Maxim  2605 ISR Beer Sheba Chess Club
79 Andreikin Dmitry  2604 RUS Economist SGSEU-1 Saratov
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