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French LeagueLast weekend was the final weekend of the French Team Championship (top 16). Four rounds were played in both a "Poule Haute" and a "Poule Basse", and Evry Grand Roque (with Svidler, Nakamura and Vachier Lagrave in the squad) clinched the title.

We already reported on the preliminary stage of the Interclubs Adultes Top 16, the French Team Championship, which took place April 30th - May 3rd. For the final rounds, played May 28-31 in Marly, the following teams had qualified for the highest group ("Poule Haute"):

Group A Evry Grand Roque (Svidler, Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave...) Clichy (Jakovenko, Naiditsch, Fressinet...) Mulhouse Philidor (Bologan, Dreev, Navara...) Noyon (Gofshtein, Magem Badals...)


Nakamura: 4 out of 4

Group B Montpellier (Van Wely, Stellwagen, Hamdouchi...) Cannes (Sasikiran, V.Tkachiev, Kazhgaleyev...) Vandoeuvre (Meier, Landa, Bauer...) Chalons en Champagne (Nyback, Smirin, Krasenkow...)

Evry Grand Roque won three of their matches with huge scores (4-0, 4-1 and 5-1) but were held to a 3-3 tie by Chalons en Champagne. Reigning champion Clichy won all of their matches but eventually finished one point below Evry Grand Roque.

US Champion Hikaru Nakamura was still in very good shape and won all four of his games in Marly, against GMs Bauer, Krasenkow, Fontaine and Hamdouchi. Svidler drew in 11 moves with Meier and then lost to Kazhgaleyev, but won his last game against Prie. In the game viewer you can find all games between players rated +2500.


Game viewer

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