Exciting last round tomorrow after three draws today

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Most probably Ivanchuk missed a win today against Aronian, and with it a chance to join Topalov in the standings. Anand-Topalov and Radjabov-Carlsen also ended in a draw and so there are still four people who can finish at least shared first at the Grand Slam Final.

Anand was surprised by Topalov's choice of the Caro-Kann and decided to play solid. For this he chose a line from before the second world war, when they didn't appreaciate the march of the h-pawn yet. In no time a dead drawn position was reached, and after some moments of eye contact with the arbiters and some more moves, the game ended in a draw of course.

anand_topalov Anand-Topalov: nothing special this time

Radjabov-Carlsen was more exciting and it was actually Black who missed a chance to get a small advantage in the middlegame. He even lost a pawn later on, but he was never really in danger of losing.

radjabov_carlsen Radjabov-Carlsen: chances for both sides, but a draw in the end

And then people started to believe that Ivanchuk would do it again, after his many successes already this year: his position got better and better against Aronian and many thought he would win today and join Topalov in the lead. But he didn't, mainly because he got into timetrouble again. Not as bad as yesterday, but still, enough to make some small inaccuracies, allowing Aronian to defend the game to a draw.

The Ukrainian was very disappointed and at first didn't attend the press conference, but after some ten minutes of cooling down, he did his sportive duty anyway and received another warm applause from the Bilbao audience.

four_more Ivanchuk-Aronian: almost three wins in a row for the virtual world's number one

It all means we'll witness a very exciting last round tomorrow!

Results Round 9 Ivanchuk - Aronian Radjabov - Carlsen 1-1 Anand - Topalov 1-1


After three draws, again there's not much difference between the "football system" and the "classical" system:


Pairings last round: Topalov - Ivanchuk Carlsen - Anand Aronian - Radjabov

ivanchuk A great player being disappointed tonight: Vassily Ivanchuk

paco Visiting Bilbao today and commentating: Paco Vallejo

Round-by-round videos including players' comments after the game:


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