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I am following the 8th match game with live commentary on ICC. Currently, there is a fascinating ending on the board in which Kramnik has rook and pawn versus Topalov's two knights. It's funny to see how GMs who are also watching, look at the position.

The evaluations differ quite a lot. Radjabov thinks Black is slightly better, but Karjakin believes White has the advantage. GM Nataf for a long time thought Black had a slight plus, but now he thinks Topalov made a mistake with the move 27...Ke8. Susan Polgar changes her opinion a lot on her weblog. First, she thought Kramnik was OK, then she thought Black was comfortable, and now she just doesn't know anymore.

It reminds me of the events in 1986, the famous Zaitsev-positions at Kasparov-Karpov, when the grandmasters in the press room didn't know who was actually playing for a win.

One thing is certain: no matter how the game ends, and no matter who in the end is right: for chess trainers, the position after 21.Bxb4 is a great 'playing position'!

Update 17.51 hrs: Kramnik's rooks couldn't manage against Topalov's rook and two knights; at the end White was mated. Here you can download the game in PGN with comments by IM Malcolm Pein.
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