FIDE Candidates Matches - Round 5

FIDE Candidates Matches - Round 5

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Only 6 games were played today (Kamsky and Leko were already through) and 2 of them resulted in wins.  There was high drama and excitement again as the wunderkind Magnus Carlsen (pictured) defeated Lev Aronian to tie their match yet again with one game to go.  Aronian must be wondering what he has to do to shake off the young Norwegian!  In response to Aronian's Queen's Indian defence, Carlsen built a dangerous attack on the Kingside and Aronian bailed out into an ending.  But Carlsen kept the initiative and managed to create a dangerous passed pawn and hey presto - game over!  Is chess really that easy?

In the other decisive game, Judit Polgar finally got her act together and demolished Bareev in the fine attacking style we have come to expect from the greatest woman chessplayer in history.

Bareev tied to keep things quiet with a Caro-Kann, but Polgar was not to be denied, whipping up an attack on the King.  Bareev faltered with 23...gxh5 (23...Rf7 is essential) and Polgar didn't need asking twice, playing 24.Qxe6+ catching Bareev's King in a mating net.

















In other games, Grischuk ensured his passage to the next round by drawing his game with Malakhov to win their match 3.5 - 1.5.  Adams played conservatively to draw against Shirov and ensure that he takes a one-game lead into the final round tomorrow.   

Ponomariov could make no headway against Rublevsky's Slav Defence and now needs to win with the Black pieces tomorrow to take their match to tie-breaks. 

Despite a complicated Semi-Slav Meran opening, Kasimjanov could only draw against Gelfand for the fifth time in their match.  Will either player be able to break the deadlock tomorrow?  Kasimjanov should be favourite if the match goes to rapid tie-breaks judging by his previous FIDE KO tie-break successes.  

So, 5 matches will go to a final game.  It should be a thrilling final day!

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