FIDE rejects bid Topalov/Danailov

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FIDE has rejected the bid done by Topalov/Danailov to organize a rematch Kramnik-Topalov. The federation states that there's nothing wrong with the 2 million dollar bank guarantee, for which the Bulgarians had to change banks last week to please FIDE, but that there's simply no time.

Press release

The FIDE Presidential Board, meeting 27-28 January 2007 in Antalya, Turkey, issued the following statement:

FIDE received a bank guarantee dated January 19th 2007, on behalf of GM Veselin Topalov for a challenge match against the World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Whilst the guarantee meets the conditions of the Handbook as per regulation, FIDE has reviewed the possibility of organizing this match as granted by the aforesaid regulation.

In order to organize this match within regulation, and the fact that a challenge match must be concluded no later than six months before the start of the next World Championship Tournament in Mexico City 12th September, this year, the match would have to start no later than 23rd February 2007.

The challenger additionally would need to deposit the required sum of money involved, into the FIDE bank account within 45 days before the commencement of the match in accordance with the regulations which has already passed.

A match for the World Chess Champion title is one of the most prestigious events in the FIDE calendar, and needs careful preparations from everybody involved. In the current situation there will not be sufficient time for proper inspections and negotiations with both players and the organizers. The players will not have enough time to prepare and can only play after having cancelled other contractual obligations.

Even though it might be possible from a pure technical point of view to stage a match before this date, FIDE cannot accept a match to take place under these circumstances.

However, notwithstanding the six month provision in the regulations, if both players can agree to a mutually acceptable date and conditions, then FIDE will assist in the organization of this match.

FIDE Public Relations Director Dr. Peter Rajcsanyi FIDE Legal Director Morten Sand
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