FIDE Suggestion Box Open

FIDE Suggestion Box Open

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fide logo big.gifFIDE recently announced the setting up of a Foundation for Modernisation, with the objective of:

"...reviewing the development of chess these last years, and proposing new processes, procedures, regulations, events rating systems, chess in schools and generally reviewing all aspects related to the modernisation of FIDE and the chess world".

Anyone wishing to contribute their ideas can use the suggestion page at the FIDE website, or simply email

So why not sharpen your pencil, pour yourself a stiff drink and brainstorm some ideas.  When you've finished, send your ideas to FIDE and (if you want to) copy your submission below in the comments for discussion.

The official FIDE announcement can be found here.

In related news, the Russian chess website Chess-News reports FIDE president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov as saying that separate official Rapid and Blitz ratings will be introduced from 1 January next year.  No official confirmation is available for this bombshell just yet*.


*Thanks to mishanp (of Chess In Translation) for this news via Twitter.

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