First Streamers Challenge

First Streamers Challenge

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Have you ever wanted to hear two masters comment separately on their head-to-head game? How about if the game were bullet or blitz? How about if the game were live? has some good news! IM Danny Rensch, the company's Vice President, has a challenge for chess players and prominent online gamers. In his own words: "I'm throwing down the gauntlet! I'm putting my own money, or rather's money, on the line! We're issuing an open challenge to the world's top chess video streamers and to amateurs alike."

Though has received requests to organize such an event for more than a couple years, and anyone tracking live session videos or YouTube comments of popular streamers has likely seen the screams of fans demanding that this event happen, perhaps Rensch was most inspired to act based on this recent Reddit AMA with GM Simon Williams.

Either way, what matters is that on WednesdaySeptember 16 at 1 p.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. Eastern, the first Let's Play Streamers Challenge will be hosted by Daniel Rensch on This is a one-day tournament, with all participants streaming their own commentary channel while playing on

The competitors will be titled players and amateurs alike, and the awards are not just based on total score. Humor, instructional value and audience all count for this one!

Some of the biggest names in chess and in online chess streaming will play for $3,000 in prizes -- even more than is on offer for Titled Tuesdays or Death Matches. The time control will be 3|2. Here are the place prizes:

  • $1,000 for first
  • $500 for second
  • $250 for third
  • $150 for fourth
  • $100 for fifth

There are also twin $500 bonus prizes. One goes to the streamer who records the highest peak number of viewers during the livestreaming of the tournament. Note that streamers entered in the event will be asked not to stream anything else from their channel on September 16, to avoid possible inflation of the analytics regarding their channel. Violation of this request could result in a disqualification of eligibility for this cash prize.

The other is for "Fan Favorite" as voted on in an official survey question over the week following the challenge.

Remember, this is open to everyone!  Here's how to apply:

  1. Message the username "Pete" with a link to your streaming channel (which could be hosted by YouTube, Twitch, Livestream, etc.).
  2. Include at least one example of a video or stream you've done before.
  3. Ask to join this group.

Some big names in the chess world and in the streaming world have already committed. Here's a partial list of people you'll see on September 16:

IM Danny Rensch -- It's his challenge, so of course he has to compete. His stream will be on If you haven't heard his live commentary, we're not quite sure where you've been. It usually only takes a minute or so before he's already blended an Australian, German and Russian accent. And now he even has a bell to ring.

Hutch -- With 225,000 followers on Twitter, member "TheIMightyHutch" is also in. Find him at, where he "only" has 173,000 subscribers! Here's a recent stream where he starts with Call of Duty, then switches to chess:

GM Max Dlugy -- The popular commentator and current Death Match champion will be setting up his stream channel soon.

GM Simon Williams -- The GingerGM has become a fixture at recently. He's also done videos for our premium members and recorded a few for the Youtube channel. He will be streaming via his YouTube channel here.

IM John Bartholomew -- will be streaming via his YouTube channel. Here's an example of him playing against IM Greg Shahade, a frequent streamer who may also enter the contest!


GM Eric Hansen -- The chessbrah himself!

And perhaps you??? Anyone can create a streaming or video channel and submit an application before the date for a chance to get in the group!

What popular streamers will take part in this event? Will you see big names such as ChessNetwork, KingsCrusher and ChessExplained join the fray? Will a new streaming star arise?

Make sure you're there on Wednesday, September 16 to check out all the action!

Remember streamers, 

  1. Message the username "Pete" with a link to your streaming channel.
  2. Include at least one example of a video or stream you've done before.
  3. Ask to join this group.

For most of us, the hard part will be to decide which channels to watch. This may be a multi-computer kind of event!

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