Four nations meet

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Their top player is in Mexico, but the Norwegians do manage to attract some attention anyway by inviting England, Latvia and Sweden for their Four Nations Chess Challenge.

This weekend (15-17 February) the four nations England, Latvia, Sweden and host nation Norway are playing in matches over 10 boards, with five female and five male players on all teams. There's one round per day with a time control of 90 minutes + 30 minutes with 30 seconds increment, just like at Olympiads, for which this event will serve as excellent preparation.

Favorite to win this event is Sweden, who came with 2500 players on the first six boards. And indeed, they scored a big victory on Friday against England, who didn't bring their strongest players.


At the moment of writing the second round, with Sweden-Norway and England-Latvia, is well under way.

Emanuel Berg (Sweden) - Gawain Jones (England) | Photo: Ole Valaker

Harriet Hunt (England) - Pia Cramling (Sweden) | Photo: ?ÉÀúivind Johansen

Evgeny Sveshnikov (Latvia) - Berge ?ÉÀústenstad (Norway) | Photo: ?ÉÀúivind Johansen

Ilze Berzina (Latvia) - Ellen Hages?ɬ¶ther (Norway) | Photo: ?ÉÀúivind Johansen


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