Four winners in Hilversum

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Four winners in HilversumGMs Daniel Fridman, Michal Krasenkow, Stewart Haslinger and Predrag Nikolic all finished on 6.5/9 Sunday at the Intomart GfK Open in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Final report.

The 4th Intomart GfK (Hilversum) Open took place June 27th - July 5th in Hotel Lapershoek, Hilversum, the Netherlands. The tournament had a total number of 130 participants with 46 playing in the top group (10 GMs and 5 IMs).

After our reports on rounds 1-3 and rounds 4-6 we return once more to Hilversum for a final round-up.

The two tournament leaders, Spoelman and Krasenkow, drew their board 1 game in the 7th round but there was no game on board 2, unfortunately. 14-year-old Anish Giri, the winner of last year, had to stay home with fever and so German grandmaster Daniel Fridman got a free point.

Board 2

GMs Reinderman and l'Ami drew quickly and on boards 3 and 4 the GMs beat the IMs with White: Nikolic and Nijboer were too strong for Hendriks and Bitalzadeh respectively.

The penultimate round was a disappointing one for fresh GM Wouter Spoelman, who played the opening too frivolously and got crushed by GM Stewart Haslinger. As the other GMs drew their games (including Giri, who was back in town), Fridman, Krasenkow and Haslinger shared the lead with one more round to go.

On Sunday Nikolic was the lucky one to get paired against Pieter Hopman, a Dutch 2300 player (with one IM norm) who had been doing quite well after a mediocre start. The GM already had a postionally winning position right after the opening and so he easily joined the leaders as again all other games ended in a draw. And so in the end Fridman, Krasenkow, Haslinger and Nikolic shared the € 6500 prize money of places 1-4.

Top boards rounds 1-9

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Daniel Fridman


Michal Krasenkow


Stewart Haslinger


Predrag Nikolic


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