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Tonight at Dutch television (Veronica, 20.30 hrs): From Russia With Love. One of the best Bond movies of all time, at least the favourite of Sean Connery himself. Why do I mention this? Because of the opening scene, in which a game of chess is being played.

A shot of the opening scene is one of the headers I used for my site. There's no nonsense in the scene; the players are replaying an existing Spassky-Bronstein game. A funny trivia at IMDB: "The chess tournament set appearing at the beginning of the film cost $150,000. The ceiling top of the chess set was actually a matte painting."

Of course Wikipedia has more info about the film too.

Chessbase also wrote about it.

A list of movies in which chess plays a role can be found here.

Of course I also checked YouTube but after a quick search I only found the intro with the credits. So we'll have to watch tonight!
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