German Chess Championships 2011

German Chess Championships 2011

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german champs 2011.jpgThe German Chess Championships 2011 are currently underway in Bonn. The format is a nine-round Swiss event with 34 players taking part. The competition started 26 May and continues until 3 June.

This year's championship is the 20th since the separate East and West German championships were combined following the re-unification of the country in 1990.

Top seed is Jan Gustafsson (Elo 2646) who has a very professional personal website, which is worth a visit.

Gustafsson is sharing the lead on 3/3 with Igor Khenkin and Oswald Gschnitzer.

There is also a separate 16-player women's championship running concurrently with the main event, with Heike Vogel in the sole lead on 3/3.

The official website for the championships can be found here, and live broadcasts of all the games are available at this page.



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