Going Undutch

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Today I have to make a sad announcement that doesn't really concern you, as you're reading the English version of this article. Anyway, here it goes: ChessVibes stops the Dutch version of the site.

This week I told some friends I'd probably have to empty a bottle of whiskey before I dare to take the step and end the Dutch ChessVibes. Unfortunately I'm completely sober while writing this!

Why? It's about time, for me personally, to professionalize ChessVibes further. I've been working fulltime on the site for about half a year now, and I'm trying to make a living out of this former hobby. To further improve ChessVibes (using the Survey!) and add new services, but also to be able to spend more time on the business aspects of ChessVibes, I have to create more time for myself. Translating all those articles is very time consuming and is done for about just thirty percent of my visitors these days.

Authors For you, who's reading this in English, there's nothing but good news. "Going undutch" means I'm creating the possibility to work with more authors, and I've already found some more people (besides the current editors) who want to write for ChessVibes. One of them has written his first article, on "beauty in chess", which will be published within a few days. (Do let me know if you feel like writing yourself!)

Holiday Especially in the coming weeks, when your editor-in-chief will be on holiday (more about this later), this becomes very relevant. Some co-editors will write articles, and the good thing is that these don't have to be translated into Dutch anymore.

It was not easy for me to take this step, but I think for the future of ChessVibes it's a wise one. For you not much will change, except that you can expect some new stuff soon. For example a Summer Contest, which will start next Saturday!

Peter Doggers A slightly distressed editor-in-chief
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