Grand Slam Final, Round 3

Grand Slam Final, Round 3

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The exciting chess continued in round 3 of the Grand Slam Final in Bilbao, with both games ending in decisive results. 

Aronian used the Marshall Gambit to great effect against Shirov to earn a short win in just 29 moves.  In the final position, Aronian threatens the simple but deadly 30...Bg4 31. Qg2 h3 winning the queen. 

So many Marshall Gambits among GMs end up in endgame struggles these days that it's nice to see a quick and early tactical victory that Frank Marshall himself would have been proud to have played!

Karjakin (pictured) was no less impressive against Grischuk in a Ruy Lopez Chigorin.  As Karjakin's attack grew, so did Grischuk's time trouble until a final knight fork ended any lingering hope of salvaging the game.

So after three rounds in Bilbao there has only been one draw out of six games.  A good advert for the 'Sofia Rules' and the 3-1-0 scoring system?  Perhaps; but having four aggressive take-no-prisoners style players certainly helps too.

The standings after three rounds:

 Alexander Grischuk   6 
 Levon Aronian  6
 Sergey Karjakin  4
 Alexei Shirov  1


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