Grischuk and Gelfand Reach Kazan Final

Grischuk and Gelfand Reach Kazan Final

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The result of both Candidates semi-finals matches in Kazan were on a knife edge and it took blitz games to finally split the players.

But first Grischuk and Kramnik traded 4 draws in the rapid playoff, while Kamsky took the lead in the third game only for Gelfand to equalise in the fourth.

Then the players with the black pieces - Grischuk and Gelfand - won their first blitz games and neither Kramnik or Kamsky were able to recover in the next game.

So the "Two G's" beat the "Two K's" !

The official website provided the usual excellent live video coverage throughout, and both matches ended at almost exactly the same time.







So, Grischuk has reached the final by beating favourite Aronian in the Q-Final and then former champion Kramnik in the Semi-Final. He achieved this with some excellent defensive play under pressure, and tremendous rapid chess skills.

Gelfand outclassed Mamedyarov in the Q-Finals and beat Kamsky in the Semi-Finals. He has shown good form and preparation on his way to the final.

The players all looked tired, and Gelfand and Grischuk will now have two days rest before starting their 6-game final match on Thursday.

The final match schedule:

    Final, Game 1
    Final, Game 2
    Final, Game 3
       Rest Day
    Final, Game 4
    Final, Game 5
    Final, Game 6


Games start at the usual time of 3pm in Kazan (11:00 UTC, 07:00 Eastern).  Live coverage is available at the official website, and great live video of the playing hall is available here (with Russian commentary).

Also, look out for further coverage from!

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