Grischuk Extends Lead in Bilbao

Grischuk Extends Lead in Bilbao

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On day two of the Grand Slam Final in Bilbao, Alexander Grischuk (pictured) extended his lead with a win over Alexei Shirov.

The Russian showed good technique in the endgame, making his outside passed pawn and bishop v knight advantage count.

Lev Aronian also scored an impressive win with the white pieces to make amends for his first-round loss yesterday. 

By the time Karjakin conceded defeat, Aronian's rooks and bishop had woven a lethal web around Karjakin's king.

Since the tournament is using the unusual 3-1-0 scoring system the results favour Grischuk even more than they would with the traditional scoring method.

After two rounds the leaderboard looks like this:

 Alexander Grischuk   6 
 Lev Aronian  3
 Alexei Shirov  1
 Sergey Karjakin  1


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