Happy Birthday Vassily Ivanchuk!

Happy Birthday Vassily Ivanchuk!

26 | Chess Players

Today (March 18th) is Vassily Ivanchuk's 40th birthday.  Ivanchuk has been one of the best chess players in the world since the late 1980's.

'Chucky' as he is affectionately known, was born in Ukraine and earned the title of Grandmaster in 1988.  He has been a regular fixture in major chess events ever since. 

A noteable early success came when he won the Linares tournament in 1991 ahead of Garry Kasparov, beating him in their individual game (see below).

Hugely popular with fans and fellow professionals alike, Chucky is also well known for his total dedication to chess and his keen sense of fair play.

Happy 40th birthday Chucky!  Long may you grace the chessboards of the world!

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