Hillarp Persson & Stellwagen are leading in Malm?ɬ?

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Tiger Hillarp Persson & Daniel Stellwagen are sharing the lead after five rounds of an incredibly combative Sigeman & Co Tournament in Malm?ɬ?, Sweden. Report with photos and videos.

The 16th Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament is taking place 22-30 April in Malm?ɬ?, Sweden. The playing venue is the 5th floor of the "Hippodromen" in central Malm?ɬ?.

Traditionally, besides the Scandinavian field of participants (including Vasilios Kotronias, who lives in Sweden) Jan Timman is also playing - last year he came with Erwin l'Ami and this year he went with Daniel Stellwagen. Besides, a second "Corus Honorary Four" participant is playing: the famous GM Lajos Portisch.

After five rounds, 1st seeded Stellwagen and 8th seeded (!) Hillarp Persson are sharing the lead:


Until now this tournament has seen some incredible fighting chess. In five rounds, logically 25 games have been played, in which only seven have ended in a draw! A percentage as low as 28%, isn't that the dream of every tournament organizer? I'm glad to see the sympathetic Johan Sigeman, whom I met in Wijk aan Zee in January, having such a great tournament.

Here you'll find a selection of interesting victories but the PGN link below the article, containing all the games, is highly recommended this time.

Video: Start of the 1st round

Video: A short piece of GM Stellan Brynell commenting on the games (in Swedish)

Video: GM Daniel Stellwagen & GM Lajos Portisch analyzing

Yes, the tourney is back again

The entrance of the Hippodromen

The spatious playing area

One more shot from the playing hall, with Jan Timman pondering on a move

Tiger Hillarp Persson, Sweden (2491)

Lajos Portisch, Hungary (2523)

Jan Timman, Netherlands (2565)

Ralf ?ɂĶkesson, Sweden (2466)

Kjetil Lie, Norway (2558)

Lars Bo Hansen, Denmark (2563)

Vassilios Kotronias, Greece (2611)

Axel Smith, Sweden (2428)

Daniel Stellwagen, Netherlands (2621)

Evgeny Agrest, Sweden (2567)

Stellan Brynell commenting on the games

Photos: Calle Erlandssson. Much more at this Picasa album.

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