Have A Jolly Time With The Holiday Bots

Have A Jolly Time With The Holiday Bots

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Is it already the end of the year again? The Holiday season approaches, and on this can only mean one thing: Your favorite Holiday Bots are back! Put on your best holiday-themed sweater, grab some cookies, pour some eggnog, and head to our Play Computer page to play against Santa, Holly, Dash, Eve, and Powder.

You will earn a special achievement for defeating each holiday bot, but hurry—they'll have to go back to the North Pole soon!

And if this Holiday season has snuck up on you (like it did for many of us) and you forgot to shop for gifts, consider giving the gift of chess to your loved ones:

Give the gift of chess

2022 has been a crazy year at the North Pole Chess Club. Some bots practiced the whole year, while others were too busy and fell a little behind. Either way, they're still ready to have a lot of fun playing chess with you! Below you can learn a little bit more about each bot:

Powder The Snowman

Holiday Bots: Powder.

Playing strength: 700.

Powder is the youngest member of the North Pole Chess Club. He lost some rating points after accidentally staying in the sun for too long. Beat him before he melts!

Eve The Elf

Holiday Bots: Eve.

Playing strength: 900.

Eve has been experimenting with new openings—can you get an advantage against her offbeat opening play?


Holiday Bots: Santa.

Playing strength: 1200.

Santa is busy all year long but always finds time for a chess game between gift deliveries! He is used to losing games to his wife, Holly, but he has picked up some new tricks along the way.

Dash The Reindeer

Holiday Bots: Dash.

Playing strength: 1500.

Dash is Santa’s most powerful reindeer, an avid chess player, and the vice president of the North Pole Chess Club. His aggressive style has cost him some rating points, but he is still a dangerous opponent!


Holiday Bots: Holly.

Playing strength: 2100.

Mrs. Claus has gone undefeated all year at the North Pole Chess Club! Holly is working hard to earn the master title—can you stop her?

Are you ready to enjoy the Holiday season with the new bots? Then head to our Bots page and play against them before they're gone!

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